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2 Oct 2017


I've always had a thing about cleaning products. Maybe it's because my mum used to make me do my fair share of the housework from a very young age, so something that can be boring or a chore to others is something I actually quite enjoy doing. Different days have different tasks and when you have a toddler, you take what time you can to get things done. Laundry? Like all mums, I feel like our washing pile is never-ending. With a family of three, there is always a full load ready and waiting to go and it's often my clothes that are left to last, with my partner and Willow being the priority - so you can imagine how glamorous I look spending my days in pyjamas or slacks!

A review of the new Ecover laundry range

I've been using Ecover for just over a year now, so I was really excited to be invited along to a recent Ecover event, getting a chance to speak to Cassie Browning, Ecover's very own fragrance expert and mastermind behind the scents in the new range. As well as Alex Longmore; celebrity fashion stylist who has even managed to inspire me to change some of my ways!

I first spotted Ecover when doing a rushed weekly shop and picked up a couple of washing up liquid's as they were on offer, but I enjoyed the scents so much (any Pomegranate & Fig fans out there!?) that I just kept repurchasing.

If you're new to Ecover, they've been around since 1979 and are proud to be an eco-friendly brand. Their products are made with plant-based formulas and their new laundry range features lovely fragrances inspired by nature. Their products have sensitive skin in mind as they are dermatologically tested, making them suitable for sensitive skin types and from birth on delicate baby clothes. Their Non-Bio Laundry Liquid formula was Mumsnet Rated and proved a huge success, with 85% of parents saying they would continue to use Ecover. Unlike other brands which can use harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, Ecover use naturally derived ingredients and smart green science to ensure their products always deliver a powerful clean.

Introduction to Cassie Browning Ecover fragrance expert
A review of Ecover products and fragrances

I am really into my scents and I love the science that goes into creating a scent; a couple of years ago I was given the chance to make my own perfume and it wasn't until then that I realised just how complex fragrances are, how many different scents go together to create that overall fragrance you love. At the event we got to take part in a fun little task with Cassie, exploring different scents and trying to work out which ones were in the Ecover products. Some, I managed to guess spot on - others I was way off the mark with, but it was so interesting to see how we all perceive scents differently. As I learned from Cassie, scents are usually the biggest selling point for people when it comes to laundry products, when realistically, the scent doesn't affect whether a product does its job well. Luckily, Ecover products smell amazing and do the job perfectly.

A review of the new Ecover laundry range
A post about Rediscovering Style with Alex Longmore and Ecover

At the event, I also had the chance to sit down and talk with Alex one-on-one. I'll be honest, meeting a celebrity stylist had me a little bit nervous, especially in my Tesco jeggings and top, but she completely put me at ease and I found her so easy to talk to - and open up to, too. I confessed my style-sins, admitting I very rarely get dressed and spend most of my time in pyjamas because it's easier and I like to be comfortable. Talking to Alex made me realise that actually, I'm important too; so getting up and ready for the day myself is just as important as getting Willow ready or sorting out things for the house or my partner. And she's right, of course.

My confidence has faltered since becoming a mother, with my body changing and the baby weight not only staying on, but gaining extra too, so slouching in my slacks with the excuse of 'Oh I'm a work-at-home mum, pyjamas are fine!' just seemed normal. After chatting with Alex, I made a promise to stop spending my days in slacks and to make sure I get dressed for the day, every day, and since the event I have! I'm surprised by how much it's improved my mood and motivation too, I feel ready to face the day with a new found 'get up and go!' attitude.

Since the event, I've been trying out a couple of products from the new laundry range and as someone who has to wash at least one full load of clothes every day, it's safe to say they're getting a good testing over the past week! I've found the Non-Bio Laundry Liquid is great for giving our clothes a good clean with a beautiful Lavender and Sandalwood scent combination. It's subtle, but I find the scent lasts from wash to drying to putting away, with clothes still smelling fresh when they're worn.

With Willow's clothes, I always make sure to use a fabric conditioner, as I like her clothes to be super soft and cosy, so it's been lovely to try the Gardenia & Vanilla Fabric Softener on her clothes washes. It uses a Palm Oil free softening active derived from European sourced Rapeseed Oil, which works to soften clothes whilst keeping them in good condition too. I love the way Willow's clothes smell after using this.

My partner is sensitive to certain washing products and with Willow still being so little, her skin can be pretty sensitive too - I have every confidence when I use Ecover and they have been a perfect fit for our family with no sensitivity issues. Will you be giving Ecover a try for yourself?

You can find out more about Ecover over at and make sure you keep an eye on the Ecover UK Facebook page, where they'll be sharing style videos from Alex Longmore.

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