30 October 2017

Willow's 21 Month Update

It's been three months since I updated you on how Willow is doing and as she turned 21 months on October 26th, I thought it'd be nice to share some recent updates on how our not-so-little-girl is doing.

Tattooed Tealady

18 October 2017

Little Live Pets Cuddles My Dream Kitten Review

Like most toddlers, Willow adores animals and seems to particularly love the usual childhood favourites; cats and dogs. We rent, rather than owning our own home, and so having a pet is a big no-no, no matter how much we'd love to have a little kitten or puppy that Willow can grow up with (maybe one day!). A lovely alternative, particularly for her age, is the Little Live Pets range, which includes everything from kittens and puppies to hedgehogs, turtles and little birds. Let me introduce, Suzy - the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Kitten.

A review of the Little Live Pets Cuddles My Dream Kitten Review

17 October 2017

Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro Review

When I was younger, eyes were always the thing I would concentrate on most, and now I'm nearing 30, doing my eye makeup is still my favourite part of my makeup routine. I like my brows to be quite bold, my shadow to stand out and a nice flick of liner. Imagine my delight at finding a product that can cover eyes, brows, liner and more, all in one handy pot. That's right, the Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro is a multi-use wonder and this is one product you will definitely want to add to your makeup collection.

A review of the Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro range

9 October 2017

Christian BRETON Hydrogel Eye Contour Masks Review

I like to look after my skin and I have a skincare stash that has everything from toners and moisturisers right through to face masks and overnight treatments, but other than eye creams, I have never really had a product which is aimed at the delicate skin around my eyes. That's all changed recently, with the addition of Christian BRETON Hydrogel Eye Contour Masks, and I have to admit, I'm pretty smitten!


3 October 2017

Giorgio Armani Beauty Ecstasy Shine Review

As a self-confessed lipstick addict, you can imagine my excitement at the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Ecstasy Shine lipstick range, currently an exclusive to Selfridges and the official Giorgio Armani Beauty website. The range features 18 gorgeous shades and a stunning new finish that's sure to win the hearts of lipstick lovers, so if you like indulging in a new lipstick, this is a range you're going to want to try.


2 October 2017

Personal style with Ecover

I've always had a thing about cleaning products. Maybe it's because my mum used to make me do my fair share of the housework from a very young age, so something that can be boring or a chore to others is something I actually quite enjoy doing. Different days have different tasks and when you have a toddler, you take what time you can to get things done. Laundry? Like all mums, I feel like our washing pile is never-ending. With a family of three, there is always a full load ready and waiting to go and it's often my clothes that are left to last, with my partner and Willow being the priority - so you can imagine how glamorous I look spending my days in pyjamas or slacks!

A review of the new Ecover laundry range

Bobbi Bobbi Skin Foundation Cushion Compact Review

It's no secret that Bobbi Brown is my favourite high-end beauty brand. I think the ethos of the brand is fantastic, championing natural beauty, the products have incredible formulas and for me, the base range is absolute perfection; Bobbi Brown is one of the few brands I can get an almost identical match to my skin tone.


1 October 2017

Toddler Book Haul

As a self-confessed bookworm, it makes me so happy that Willow adores reading. Every day we all read together, whether it's me and Willow, M and Willow or all three of us together, mama and daddy taking turns to read stories, books are a huge part of our day. I buy Willow new books all the time and mainly online, with my favourite for great offers being The Works, who offer do an online exclusive offer of 10 Books for £10.

A review of great books for toddlers
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