25 September 2017

UNLIKELY DAD | Adoption Two Years On

Today I am delighted to share a post from a favourite blogger of mine, Tom, who writes over at UNLIKELY DAD. Tom shares his life as a gay adoptive dad and his blog is one everyone should have on their reading list - I always love checking out Tom's latest blog post and his Instagram feed is a lovely view into family life. Today Tom will be sharing his story of being a gay adoptive dad two years on from where his family become a three.

A picture of Tom of UNLIKELY DAD

11 September 2017

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Skincare Review

If there is one brand who never fails to impress when it comes to skincare, it's Clarins. I've adored Clarins for as long as I remember, long before the days where bold makeup brands like Urban Decay and MAC caught my eye, it was Clarins that would catch my eye in department stores and their little sets at Christmas that'd I'd scrimp and save for. When a brand can stand the test of time and impress you from teens right through to adulthood, you know it's one worth sticking with, and the new Hydra-Essentiel skincare range is a perfect example of why Clarins is a brand everyone should have in their beauty routine.

A review of the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Skincare review

6 September 2017

Toddler Skincare Routine

You might think a skincare routine for a 19-month-old is a bit extreme, but we've had a lovely little routine for Willow since she was just a couple of weeks old and it works wonders for us, especially for keeping her dry skin and mild eczema at bay. These are products we've used from birth, and a couple which has come into our routine more recently, from three brands we wholeheartedly trust to use with on our daughter's skin.

Review of toddler skincare products

5 September 2017

Sticky hoisin beef stir fry recipe

I've loved cooking from a very young age and food is something I really enjoy sharing here on the blog, with a whole section on scrumptious restaurant reviews - but something I want to share more often is family friendly recipes that are not only easy to make but Weight Watchers friendly meals too. I thought I'd kick things off with a stir fry, the very first dish I learnt to cook by myself 18 years ago in Year 7 Food Technology and still one of my absolute favourite meals today.

Stir fry is a favourite family dish in this house and also one of the first meals Willow had (check out this Instagram snap!) when we first started baby-led weaning. I really love oriental flavours and I'm also really big on packing meals with lots of vegetables, so this makes a great meal that's filling and tasty, not forgetting super quick to cook!

Sticky hoisin beef stir fry recipe

3 September 2017

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

I love wooden toys. If Willow needs a new toy (or I just want to treat her, which is most often the case), and I can find a wooden alternative to the usual plastic culprits, I'll pick wood every time. I find generally, wooden toys last longer than plastic toys - and for whatever reason, Willow seems to prefer playing with wooden toys too, they captivate her for longer. For us, wooden toys are the best toys for toddlers and today I wanted to share three of Willow's favourite wooden toys, which also happen to be aiding her development, skills and language.

A review of the Dodo & Bilby Wooden Learn English Alphabet

1 September 2017

The Bedside Reading List September 2017

September 1st and Autumn has officially arrived. Over the past few days, I've noticed frost on the grass in the mornings and a definite chill in the air, I'm so glad my favourite season has started. After finishing the three books I shared in my The Bedside Reading List July 2017 post, it's time to share the next lot of books I'll be working my way through over the next month.

Books for your bedside table
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