Willow's 18 Month Update

17 Aug 2017

I can't believe my little girl is already 18 months! How did that happen?! This update is a couple of weeks later than planned, as she actually turned 18 months on July 26th - but better late than never, right? I have so much to share with you all, as the changes and developments she's made since her 15 month update, well let's just say I am completely in awe of our feisty little Wills!

A review of Splash Babies Loughborough Little Divers Class

I suppose the biggest difference over the past three months, is Willow's speech, which has come along so well, now easily chatting her days away and stringing together words no problem. Mostly, we get two words together, but there are a few times that she's given us three words together, so it's really great to see her starting to form sentences alongside her random individual words. You can say pretty much any word to her now and she'll try and say it. Most times she'll get very close and need a few more times to get it right, other times she manages to say a new word straight away. We've also had some lovely talking-related moments, with Willow telling me she loves me and telling me that she's happy, it makes my heart melt!

We've started using flash cards and have found these to be absolutely brilliant for aiding her speech and development. She can confidently count to 10, although is confused by numbers after 10 so we're leaving those for a while longer yet. She can also say her full alphabet, from a - z, which in part is massively down to doing her flash cards, but also from watching nursery rhymes. She recognises letters and numbers all the time, when we're at home, when we're out and about, even when she's at swimming and her float has numbers on it, she'll shout them out mid-splash. We're getting there with colours, she can say red, green, yellow, blue, pink, purple, but doesn't yet seem to associate the words with the specific colours - all in good time!

I can only imagine how talkative she will be at Christmas, I honestly can't wait. Last year was special, of course, as her very first Christmas. This year she'll be almost two and far more aware, not just of the festive season but of Christmas and Santa, I just cannot wait!

Swimming lessons are still going strong, with Willow now in the 'Little Divers' class, having moved up groups for the summer term. She has certainly found her feet (or should it be flippers?!) in this more active class, which has little ones aged 15 months to 3 years. It's a much more active class overall, not just for the fact those in the class are louder and more confident in the water, but the activities in the class; she's learning new skills, doing far more in the water than the more gentle lessons from the previous class group and has even started to practising diving! It astounds me, really. I didn't learn to swim properly until I was in school, so seeing how quickly she can pick things up and how absolutely ecstatic and confident she is in the water, it just leaves me in awe.

Everything else is still going really well. She's a super confident walker and has no fear in running around. Her interaction with others is still amazing, always happy to be around others and so very loving and welcoming. She adores having playdates, whether out and about or at home, where she's always eager to say 'play!' and share her toys with whoever. We've had a couple more teeth come through over the past month, giving her a total of 16 out of 20.

The next time we catch up, Willow will be 21 months old - how crazy is that?! I can't wait for the next update already, as we'll have Halloween and Bonfire Night to share with you all, I am so excited for Willow to be more active this Halloween and see her very first fireworks display! Until then, you can keep up to date with Willow's adventures on my Instagram @TattooedTealady, we love sharing our days and special moments on Instastories - let me know if you watch them!