Orla Kiely Travel Grobag Review

30 Aug 2017

*Features press samples.

Before getting pregnant and starting that oh so exciting baby shopping, I had never heard of baby sleeping bags. Actually, when I first came across them whilst pregnant with Willow, I was a bit bemused by them but I did a little bit of research into them - and of course the alternatives - and found that for us, it made sense to give them a try. A safe way for our little one to sleep and hopefully an aid in promoting happy sleep, too.

Orla Kiely Travel Grobag Review

We first started using the Gro Company Gro-bags when Willow was nearly 8 weeks old, as she had finally reached the recommended minimum weight for the smallest Gro-bag size. Since then, sleeping bags have been our most used bedtime accessory, skipping blankets and duvets from 8 weeks until very recently. We've used them for the majority of Willow's 19-month life, all times of the year, at home and when travelling, staying with family or even when abroad on holiday.

They're available in two different tog sizes; 2.5 tog, ideal for the colder months of autumn and winter and 1.0 tog, perfect for spring and summer. They are available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-18 months and  18-36 months, so you're covered well into toddlerhood. Each Grobag has underarm poppers on the 0-6 months size, which is ideal for anyone whose little one is slightly smaller and needs a more cosy fit. The travel Grobags, which is my favourite for how versatile they are, come with a 2-way front zip and a slot at the back to fit a 5-point travel harness. They've made with 100% woven cotton with a quick-dry polyester filling on the 2.5 tog bag, with a 100% jersey cotton throughout on the 1.0 tog bag. They're super easy to wash and dry and wash really well too, so you'll find it lasts well throughout the time you use it.

I am completely converted to baby sleeping bags and would wholeheartedly recommend them - we plan to use them next time we have a baby too. For me, it's the ease of having bedding sorted all in one piece. You can pop your baby inside, get them all nice and snug, zip them in and you're sorted. No blankets for them to kick off, or worse, get caught up in. They come in different tog sizes so you can make sure your little one is warm enough all year round and they are a great way to get your little one used to bedtimes, as when the sleeping bag goes on, they soon get used to the idea that it's almost time for bedtime.

Apple Orla Kiely Travel Grobag Review
The most recent sleeping bag we've moved into is the Apple Orla Kiely Travel Grobag, which has the most beautiful apple design. The Gro Company teamed up with Orla Kiely to create an exclusive range of designs and they really are utterly beautiful - we also love the look of the gorgeous Martian design too. For me, this is an incredibly exciting collaboration, as I'm a huge Orla Kiely fan and I love that a real staple in our bedtime routine for well over a year, has launched such a fan collection with gorgeous designs. You can check out the full Orla Kiely range at www.gro-store.com.

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