Teapigs Pick n' Mix Sample Pack Review

18 Jul 2017

We all know I love tea, but I'm also pretty picky about the tea I drink. I'm not the biggest fan of fruit or white teas, preferring a hearty cup of black tea (with milk and one sugar, please). Every now and then I get tempted to 'broaden my horizons' and so I decided to try out the Teapigs Pick N' Mix Sample Pack, to try a few different teas, in the hopes that I'd find one or two that I liked enough to purchase a full-size pack of.

Teapigs Pick n' Mix Sample Pack Review
Teapigs Pick n' Mix Sample Pack ReviewTeapigs Pick n' Mix Sample Pack ReviewTeapigs Pick n' Mix Sample Pack Review

I actually ordered mine quite a few months ago, but have only gotten around to trying them over the past few weeks. When I ordered, the pack was £13.99 - the price has now gone up to £17.99 which I think is a bit steep, but worth trying out if it's within your budget and a great idea for stocking filler Christmas gifts (oh yes, I went there with the C word!). I don't think I'd personally splash out at the new price, £4 more than what I paid just a few months ago for exactly the same amount of product, but I'd consider it if there was an offer, discount code or sale to push down the price a little.

I decided to go for the Pick n' Mix box because it was a good way to try a variety of teas in one go. The box lets you select up to 12 boxes, each containing two biodegradable tea bags each, from a variety of 31 teas. I decided to go for 3 packs of Chamomile Flowers, 1 pack of Chocolate Flake Tea, 1 pack of Darjeeling Tea, 1 pack of Pure Lemongrass, 1 pack of Peppermint Leaves, 2 packs of Everyday Brew, 1 pack of Darjeeling Earl Grey, 1 pack of Lemon and Ginger and 1 pack of Apple & Cinnamon

I was already a fan of the Teapigs Everyday Brew and have found new favourites in the Darjeeling Earl Grey, Peppermint Leaves, Chamomile Flowers and Darjeeling Tea. I still have a couple to try but it's definitely helped me in picking a few to buy full-size packs of.

If you have any favourite Teapigs flavours, I'd love to hear your recommendations and be sure to let me know what you think of the idea of a sample pack box like this. Do you think it's overpriced, or a good way to try a few flavours in one?

Order Teapigs online at www.teapigs.co.uk.

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