Disney My Interactive Friend Minnie Review

28 Jul 2017

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Over the past few months, the way Willow plays and interacts with her toys has completely changed. She engages so much more with her toys, shows affection and kindness to any soft toys, knows how to properly play with her more educational toys and has shown a huge interest in her growing collection of Disney toys, especially Minnie Mouse, after inheriting my own Minnie Mouse collection from when I was a little girl. We were delighted to try out the Disney My Interactive Friend Minnie, which Willow has been playing with over the past few weeks, besotted from the moment it arrived.

A review of the Disney My Interactive Friend Minnie

A review of the Disney My Interactive Friend Minnie
A review of the Disney My Interactive Friend Minnie
A review of the Disney My Interactive Friend Minnie

The Disney Minnie Mouse My Interactive Friend Minnie is the most interactive toy Willow has, so much so it actually surprised me just how much it can do! It’s beautiful to look at, there’s no denying that - I have a life-long love for Minnie Mouse and Willow seems to love her just as much, making her Minnie teddies the first thing she reaches for when she wakes up each morning. I really love the overall design of this particular Minnie, with the metallic pink bows on her head and shoes, different textures and materials used for every aspect, it adds a nice little sensory touch to it.

Getting it out of the box was super easy, with almost rope-like ties keeping Minnie in place in the box which was very easy to undo, without the need to unravel wires or cut anything away. It also comes with 4 AAA batteries, so you’re set to go from the moment you get it out of the box, without needing to run around trying to find enough batteries.

I knew My Interactive Friend Minnie would be interactive, that’s a given, but I never expected the sheer amount of things this adorable little toy can do! It responds to 15 voice commands, so you can actually tell it what to do; from asking it to dance, walk, jump, run or even tell a story. For many of the commands, if not all, Minnie will then start moving. She can walk, run, jump, move in different directions. Admittedly, when she first started moving Willow was a little taken aback, but after a few minutes, she was chasing her around the room. Altogether, My Interactive Friend Minnie has over 70 phrases and fun melodies, it keeps Willow entertained for ages!

My Interactive Friend Minnie has quickly become Willow’s favourite toy. She spends so much of her day playing with it and shouts ‘Minnie, Minnie, Minnie!’ or "It's a MOUSE!" whenever she sees it. She’s also quite proud of her lovely interactive Minnie, picking her up, shouting her Minnie’s and showing absolutely anyone who comes over, getting any visitors to play with Minnie too. As Willow’s language improves and expands each day, she’s able to tell Minnie what to do herself, always so delighted when Minnie reacts and starts doing something. She’s so besotted, it’s actually really lovely to see.

My Interactive Friend Minnie retails at £50 and there’s also a My Interactive Friend Mickey Mouse version, which interacts with Minnie Mouse if you wanted to go for the full mouse team! I think the price is really reasonable considering just how much it can do. It’s advertised as suitable for 3 years+, but Willow is 18 months and gets along with it so well. Definitely one for the Christmas list or any upcoming birthdays.

Available at Argos, House of Fraser, Smyths Toys, Toys R Us and Very.

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