Konfidence Baby Swimwear Review + Giveaway

19 Jul 2017

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Earlier this year I shared the exciting news that Willow had been selected as an Ambassador for Konfidence UK as one of their Swimologists. It's been such an exciting role for us because it finally spurred us on to get Willow swimming, something which she absolutely adores and has hugely aided her confidence in the water. Back in  March, I shared a feature about Willow's Splash Babies Loughborough swimming classes, but today I wanted to share our favourite Konfidence baby swimwear with you all because we couldn't be bigger fans!

A review of the Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit

A review of the Konfidence AquaNappy Swim Nappy
A review of the Konfidence AquaNappy Swim Nappy

We were lucky to be provided with quite a few products from the Konfidence baby swimwear range, but two stand out as our favourites, for ease of use, affordability and overall comfortableness for Willow. The first is the Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit (£16.99), which is the product Willow has had the most use from. Available in three sizes; 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-24 months, it's suitable for your babies very first swimming lesson. They are available in a variety of gender-neutral designs, we opted for the lovely navy blue and white Polka Dot design as I just love how simple it is but still makes a fun statement.

The Babywarma is absolutely amazing in design. It opens flat, making putting it on and taking it off so easy, aided even more with the Velcro fastenings. We find this so quick to put on, it's completely fuss-free. It's been created with a 2mm thick Neoprene, which ensures your little one stays warm, safe and secure, whilst also being flexible so that your baby can seamlessly swim and splash about without being restricted. The Neoprene fabric itself is soft and smooth, so it's quite comfortable for Willow to wear and as it has Velcro fastenings, the age range for each size is great as you can decide how tight or loose to fasten it for your babies comfort. As well as being ideal for swimming indoors, it can be safely warm outdoors, with the Babywarma offering 100% UV protection on all areas it covers (although please always remember to regularly apply baby-friendly SPF protection).

Our next favourite is the Konfidence AquaNappy Swim Nappy (£9.99), which is a reusable swim nappy and I have to say, it's my favourite Konfidence product from the entire range, as it's such a money saver! When we first started swimming we were using the Huggies Little Swimmers Disposables Nappies, but they're pretty expensive for what they are and the sizing is restrictive; even the ones which are for a bigger weight than Willow actually weighs, they were tight and would leave marks at the top of her thighs. The AquaNappy is so much better! It's completely reusable, can be stuck in the wash and can be used time and time again, for one set price! Like the Babywarma, it can be used for a wide range of ages, covering 3 months to 30 months, with a popper size system which allows you to secure it at the right size for your baby, alongside a Velcro sash.

It features a triple layer design with a soft polyester outer layer and a recycled PVC middle barrier, with a soft inner mesh layer. It's a much more eco-friendly alternative to disposable swim nappies and is available in a variety of gender-neutral designs. For me, this is an invaluable part of Willow's swimming routine and is an absolute must-have for swimming lessons - we simply wouldn't be without it. It's not just at swimming we love using our Aquanappy, but it's also perfect for paddling pool fun in the garden on hot days!

*PR samples. I am not paid to be a Konfidence Ambassador/Swimologist Disclaimer.