HELLOhenry Storage Bags Review

30 Jul 2017

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When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time browsing Instagram. There are a few lovely mama communities over on Instagram, and from following other expectant mamas or mamas with little ones already, I came across quite a few cool brands, including HELLOhenry. I swooned over the gorgeous range of storage solutions, especially with the monochrome range which fits perfectly with the current trend for monochrome nurseries.

I was recently given the chance to work with HELLOhenry, trying out the storage bags for ourselves, and of course, I jumped at the chance! For me, HELLOhenry has been one of those stand-out mama-made brands on Instagram, you'll always see their storage bags in nursery posts and Instagram snaps, I couldn't wait to try them myself!

Despite lusting after the monochrome bags during my pregnancy, we don't have a monochrome themed nursery and so I decided to go for two designs which would add a subtle touch of colour to our home; pastel coloured clouds and sprinkles were our favourite choices and they really do add a lovely splash of colour to Willow's nursery.

If you're new to HELLOhenry, then you might not know what these simply designed yet beautiful storage bags are made from - each one is made using 3 PLY Natural Kraft Paper, which is far more durable than you'd expect. Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive as to whether they would rip or tear as we put toys in, or as Willow yanked them out! I'm glad to say they are incredibly strong and so sturdy, I have every confidence popping any kind of toys in these bags. Each storage bag is unique, hand drawn and painted, freehand, using high-quality acrylic paint. They're available in different colourways, themes or customised - there's a whole range of personalised bags in the HELLOhenry range, so lots to choose from.

The bags come in two sizes. The large back is 50cm x 76cm with a 13cm block bottom, holding up to 25kg in weight, whilst the extra large bags, which is the size we went for with both of ours, are 55cm x 85cm with a 13cm block bottom, able to hold up to 32kg in weight. As you can see from my photos, they come folded up neatly and open out - I've taken a picture of them side by side, one full and one empty so you can get a better idea of how the bags come and what they look like with toys inside. 

The pastel clouds bag stays in Willow's room and has every single one of her bedroom teddies inside, including her giant life-sized Minnie Mouse as well as my own childhood collection of Minnie's (they look a bit scary really, don't they?!).  This freed up so much space in Willow's room, as instead of the teddies being scattered all over the place, on her chair, on her wooden toy box (which houses her train and Toot Toot sets) and bed, they are all neatly in one place. The sprinkles bag is going downstairs, with more teddies, as we're really liked the way it works in her room, so think it'll be a fab way to spruce up her toy storage in the living room too. 

We love our HELLOhenry storage bags, they're such a fun and unique way to store toys! To check out the full range and order your very own HELLOhenry storage, head to www.etsy.com/HelloHenryboxes

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