Gratitude Journal Day 1

1 Jul 2017

I am very vocal about my belief that positivity is the best way to improve our happiness and make our lives better. I am often the one who will give people advice on how to live more positively, recommending books and my favourite Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm, as a way to release any negative energy and I try very, very hard to live by those rules myself, but I struggle. As someone who has suffered from depression from a very early age, as well as only just coming out of the other side of postnatal depression, I need to make changes to make my life better and the first thing I need to work on is changing my mindset.

Today is July 1st and with the start of a brand new month, I've decided the time has come for me to make a start on those positive changes, starting with a 100-day challenge in the form of the Gratitude Journal.

Gratitude Journal Review
Gratitude Journal Review
Gratitude Journal Review

I'd seen a few people share their own Gratitude Journal on social media and it had caught my eye a few times whenever I was browsing journals and diaries. Admittedly, I am not the best at keeping daily habits although this is something I am determined to stick to, so I am hoping I can go through the full 100 days without skipping any days throughout the process. The journal, which is beautifully designed and brings me joy just to look at it, is very simply laid out, so I'm hoping this will help me keep on track with filling it out daily. So, what exactly is the Gratitude Journal?

The Gratitude Journal is a simple yet effective way to help you positively change by practising gratitude on a daily basis. The aim is to spend just a few minutes each day to yourself, filling in that day's pages of the journal and focusing on gratitude. Each page is laid out exactly the same with the same questions for you to fill in, such as the thing you are most grateful for that day, three people you'd like to thank, how you feel about that day and your affirmation for that day. It's a quick and simple way to give yourself a few minutes to yourself to reflect and work on your inner happiness, and I think that's pretty darn important.

There are other aspects to the journal, too, such as a short and sweet introductory section on why practising gratitude is important as well as bonus pages with different themes and tasks at the back of the journal to fill in anywhere in your 100-day journey.

I'm looking forward to the next 100 days and I am hoping it gives me the boost I need. I'll post an update after 50 days and when I complete the journal after 100 days too. I'd love to know if you've completed the Gratitude Journal, or if you think this is something you'd like to do too? What do you do in your daily lives to make sure you practice gratitude?

You can order your own Gratitude Journal at, RRP £13.99.