Favourite baby brand Kokoso Baby

4 Jul 2017

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When I was pregnant, I came across a brand who was getting a lot of love over on Instagram for their baby coconut oil and it's a product I couldn't wait to use with our baby once they arrived. Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil ended up being one of our most used products in Willow's first year and I shared it as one of our Baby Bath Time Essentials. 17 months on Kokoso Baby is still one of our favourite baby skincare brands and I am thrilled to share the news that they have now extended their range to include a fabulously gentle hair and body wash collection!

Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash Review
Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil Review
Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash Review
A natural baby skincare brand, Kokoso Baby was created by Lauren when she was just a new mama herself, wanting to create a range of products that would be perfect for using on her little one's sensitive skin. Knowing the benefits of using raw virgin organic coconut oil, Lauren knew it was the ingredient to base her brand around. Since creating Kokoso Baby, Lauren has gone on to win Boot's Inspired by Baby competition and even gaining invested on the well-loved TV show, Dragon's Den, and the range has now expanded to include more essential products for little ones, whilst still keeping raw virgin coconut oil at the heart of it's brand.

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil, mini 84g tub £5.49, original 169g tub £7.99
The Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is an absolute essential in our routine and a product we use in a multitude of ways. Using the highest quality raw virgin organic fresh-pressed coconut oil, it's one and the only ingredient no less, it works to keep your little one's skin moisturised, soft and happy, even if they have sensitive skin. Presented in baby-safe, recyclable BPA-free packaging, it's been ethically produced and 100% cruelty-free. Completely free of any unnecessary ingredients, it's suitable for the most sensitive skin and great for eczema prone skin too. It's available in two sizes, so you can have a big pot of coconut goodness at home, whilst a smaller pot is available for on-the-go, although bare in mind, coconut oil does melt so make sure you ensure the lid is tightly screwed on to prevent any leaks - I find popping it in the fridge when the weather is warm enough to melt it, soon gets it solid again!

There are so many ways you can use this wonderful pot of coconut oil. We use it as an all-over moisturiser keeping Willow's skin super soft and hydrated from top to toe. We used it a lot as a quick and easy solution for cradle cap when she was a baby, popping a generous amount on a couple of hours before bedtime and massaging in, before washing as usual and combing through with the Kokoso Baby Natural Baby Brush (£7.99). It works absolute wonders as a nappy balm and can banish dry skin almost immediately once applied, certainly with consistent use. It's perfect for using for baby massages and I've even been known to use it on myself, too! We couldn't be without our Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash, 200ml £7.99
There are two brand new products to join the Kokoso Baby range, in the form of hair and body washes. Each is packed with the lovely premium quality organic coconut oil which is at the heart of the Kokoso Baby brand, which has been pH balanced, dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. It uses a unique and ultra mild formula with soothing organic aloe vera and a gentle plant-based foamer, with no unnecessary ingredients or harmful chemicals. There are two versions available; a fragrance-free version and a softly-scented version. 

We've been putting the Kokoso Baby Softly Scented Hair and Body Wash to the test over the past week and I am in love - it's a great addition to the range! It's suitable for use from birth but recommended for use from around 3 months old (whereas the fragrance-free version is suitable for use from birth and recommend as the body wash you start with). As with all Kokoso Baby products, the hair and body washes are completely cruelty-free as well as free from unnecessary ingredients such as mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, SLS, SLES, PEG, colourants and artificial fragrances.

It's lovely to use, very gentle on Willow's skin and has a super subtle coconut scent. Teamed with the coconut oil after bathtime, her skin is left feeling super soft and happy and she smells absolutely delicious! We're chuffed to see the Kokoso Baby range expanding and already have the new Kokoso Baby Konjac Sponge (£7.49) on our to-buy list for the next time she needs a new sponge.

You can check out the full Kokoso Baby range and shop the online shop at kokoso.co.uk. Kokoso Baby is also available online and in-store at www.boots.com and www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk.

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