MAC Lipstick Collection 2017

20 Jun 2017

I am a self-confessed lip product addict. For me, lips stand with eyes as the easiest way to make a look POP! and I love how confident I feel just by applying a swipe of lipstick. MAC has always been my favourite brand when it comes to lipsticks and over the years I have spent a small fortune building up a collection of my favourite shades and go-to finishes. It's been a couple of years since I shared a MAC lipstick collection, and since it's grown quite a bit since my last MAC Lipstick Collection post in 2013, I decided it was time to share another!

MAC Lipstick Collection
MAC Pink Lipsticks Review
There are only 4 pink shades in my MAC lipstick collection, after passing on a few much bolder pinks to friends, as bright pinks are shades I rarely reach for nowadays. They used to be my go-to for a big statement, but as I've grown up, I think I've just grown out of them. The 4 remaining pinks in my MAC lipstick collection are the 4 shades I simply can't bear to part with; shades I still have a bit of confidence to rock in the summer, as well as some limited edition shades - and we all know it'd be wrong to get rid of limited edition lipsticks!

Silly is a limited edition shade from the 2013 MAC Fashion Sets Collection, a bright baby pink with a matte finish. Embrace Me is also a limited edition shade from the Fashion Sets Collection, another bright pink but with more violet undertones than Silly, and again with a matte finish. Chatterbox has been a favourite of mine for many years now, a permanent shade with an amplified finish which I featured in my MAC Lipsticks for Spring feature. A more subtle pink, it has lovely warm undertones and is a favourite for wearing all year round. Kelly Yum-Yum is a limited edition shade from the limited edition Kelly and Sharon Osbourne MAC Collection from back in 2015. A super bright and bold pink with blue undertones and a satin finish.

MAC Peach and Orange Lipsticks Review
I love peaches and oranges when it comes to lipsticks and over the years I've built up quite a nice selection of MAC lipsticks which fit the bill. I find peaches are lovely to wear in spring, whilst bold oranges are the shades I reach for in the height of summer, a perfect way to finish off a golden-Goddess look. 

Costa Chic is a permanent shade and one that so many bloggers raved about, I just had to get it! I featured it in my Spring Ready Lips feature, a lovely soft coral shade with subtle pink undertones and a frost finish. Sounds Like Noise is one of my favourite limited edition lipstick buys and was released as part of the MAC x Hayley Williams Collection back in 2013. I shared it in my MAC: The Oranges feature, it's just the most gorgeous neon-pastel hybrid orange with a matte finish. Ablaze is another one from the Fashion Sets Collection, a more subtle orange with red undertones and a matte finish. Saigon Summer is another absolute favourite of mine, a warm orange with a pearl finish. 

Vegas Volt was one of the very first MAC lipsticks I purchased, which I shared in my Top 10 MAC Lipsticks feature. A lovely coral with peachy undertones and an amplified finish, this is another one perfect for all year round. Morange was another one popular in the blogging community but it took me ages to pluck up the courage to buy it, and even then, longer to feel confident wearing it in public. It is an incredibly bold bright orange with an amplified finish. I featured it in My Top MAC Summer Lipsticks feature and I actually think it's one of the more beautiful shades MAC has on offer. Betty Bright is another limited edition shade, this time from the 2013 Archie's Girls Collection. I was smitten with this collection because the packaging is just so much fun! Betty Bright is a lovely peach toned pink with a satin finish.

MAC Purple Lipsticks Review
I absolutely adore purple lipsticks. There's just something about a bold and bright purple that I just love, whatever time of year, whatever the occasion, shades that stand-out in my lipstick stash and make a look really pop with colour.

Violetta is easily one of my favourites when it comes to purples, a gorgeous vibrant purple with an amplified finish. Flat Out Fabulous is a lovely purple with pink undertones and a matte finish, really love for the colder months. Heroine is another favourite, once a limited edition shade from the Fashion Sets Collection but now part of the permanent lipstick range.  A bold purple with warm undertones and a matte finish. Dodgy Girl is from the Kelly and Sharon Osborne Collection and is the most gorgeous lavender purple with a touch of violet and a matte finish.

Rebel is one of the most popular MAC shades and one of my go-to shades for the colder months which I featured in my Going Bold with Purples feature. I also featured it way back in 2013 in a Little MAC Haul, a gorgeous berry purple with a satin finish. Daddy's Little Girl is another one from the Archie's Girl Collection and is one of my favourite during summer, a purple-pink hybrid with satin finish. Last but not least, Strong Woman. A limited edition shade from the 2013 MAC Strength Collection, a bold bright purple with warm undertones and a matte finish.

There is another MAC purple in my lipstick stash, which I searched high and low for but couldn't find and it's one of my all time favourite MAC lipsticks. Up the Amp is a gorgeous muted lavender lilac with a satin finish.

MAC Red Lipsticks Review
Every lipstick collection needs a red, and I have plenty! Some are cult classics when it comes to MAC lipsticks, with more than a few limited edition shades that I am so glad I snapped up. 

Ruby Woo is probably one of the most well-known MAC lipstick shades, a true pillarbox red with a matte finish, which I included in my 2013 MAC Lipstick Collection post. Sail La Via was the first limited edition MAC lipstick I ever purchase and it still remains as one of my favourite go-to red shades. I absolutely adore the packaging for the MAC Hey Sailor! Collection and Sail La Vie is a lovely warm red with orange undertones and a satin finish. Deeply Adored is from the 2012 MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection, a really bold deep berry red with brown undertones and a matte finish. From the same collection, I also have Charmed I'm Sure, which is one of my favourite shades to wear in the festive season. 

A bright berry red with warm undertones and a matte finish. Riri Woo, in collaboration with Rihanna, was an impulse purchase for me and is probably the least worn lipstick in my MAC collection. Very similar to Ruby Woo, it's a limited edition red with flashes of raspberry and a matte finish. Absolute Power is a really bold shade to go for, also from the MAC Strength Collection. It looks much darker than it actually is, in the bullet coming across as a deep berry but when applied, is a powerful red with pinky undertones and a matte finish. Last but not least for the reds and actually the very first MAC lipstick I ever bought, we have Lady Danger. This is just such a beautiful shade! A bold, bright cool-toned red with flashes of coral and a matte finish.

MAC Nude Lipsticks Review

Finally, we come to the nude shades in my MAC lipstick collection. Let me tell you, I am a sucker for a nude lip! Whereas I used to be all about the bright and bold stand-out shades, I find the older I get, the more I love the simplicity of a nude lip. I'll always go for a nude over other shades nowadays and of course, a nude really does go with any look. 

Mehr is a really popular nude from MAC, which I shared in my Those Perfect Autumnal Lips feature. It's a warm-toned nude with a very slight reddish-pink undertone and a matte finish, this shade literally goes with any look! Pink Plaid is one of the 'prettier' shades in my MAC lipstick stash, a pink toned nude with a matte finish. Enchanted One is the only limited edition nude shade I own, and what beautiful packaging it has! Part of the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection, I first shared this one in my MAC Alluring Aquatic Enchanted One feature back in 2014. It's quite a warm toned nude with a subtle flash of coral undertone and a matte finish. 

Honey Love was one of the first nude MAC lipsticks I purchased, still a favourite now years on. I shared it in my MAC: The Nudes feature, a light toned beige with rosy undertones and a matte finish. I bought Hug Me at the same time as Honey Love and it's such a beauty, that can be worn alone or teamed with other shades due to its shine finish, a really lovely flesh pink nude. Last but not least we have Velvet Teddy, quite possibly one of the most well-loved MAC lipsticks, ever, and one of my favourite go-to nudes. It's a stunning deep toned beige nude with a matte finish and one shade every MAC fan needs in their collection - but if you're on a budget, check out my The MAC Velvet Teddy Dupe feature for a high street alternative! 

I'd love to know what MAC lipsticks you have in your lipstick collection? Do you have a favourite MAC shade, or do you think MAC lipsticks are overrated? You can see why I think MAC lipsticks are worth a splurge in my MAC Lipsticks, Worth the Hype? feature.

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