Cosatto Hug ISOFIX Car Seat Review

26 Jun 2017

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When we bought our Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System, it came with a free car seat, so we were all set and ready to go, whether it was days out with the pram, or on adventures in the car. Now that Willow is well into toddlerhood, it was time to move her up to a bigger car seat and we are thrilled with our decision to go for the Cosatto Hug ISOFIX Car Seat.

It's no secret we are big fans of Cosatto in the Tattooed Tealady house, loving everything from their travel systems and strollers to highchairs and now, we are just as in love with our Hug ISOFIX. This car seat has exceeded my expectations and today I'm going to share all the best bits with you!

Cosatto Hug ISOFIX Car Seat Happy Stars Review
Cosatto Hug ISOFIX Car Seat Happy Stars Review

Cosatto Hug ISOFIX Car Seat Happy Stars Review

Cosatto Hug ISOFIX Car Seat Happy Stars Review

Willow has only recently stopped using her Group 0 car seat - she's now 17 months and her Group 0 car seat lasted well until she was 15 months. The Cosatto Group 0 Car Seats are tested to last your newborn for up until they reach 13kg, which Willow still hasn't reached, but she managed just fine in her car seat and only recently showed she was ready to move up, as she's having a bit of a growth spurt. I really believe in getting your monies worth when it comes to big expensive items like car seats, so we had no issues with her using the Group 0 car seat until she maxed the height and weight. She was comfortable, it was safe to use and ultimately, it meant we managed with her first car seat for nearly a year and a half!

When it came to looking for a new car seat, I found it all very confusing - and I actually have a post coming up on choosing a car seat, basic car safety and laws surrounding car seats which are in place to keep our little ones safe, so keep an eye out for that! -, but there was no doubt in our minds that we'd stick with Cosatto. We've just been so impressed with the quality of Cosatto products, they're a brand we really do trust and a brand we feel is safe to use with our little girl. There are quite a few car seats on offer from Cosatto, but the one which fits our requirements the most was the Cosatto Hug ISOFIX Car Seat, Group 1, 2, 3.

There are a few reasons the Hug ISOFIX fit the bill for our family over other car seats. Firstly, our car is a 2-door car, so we needed a front-facing seat which wouldn't be too bulky and still allow us to get access to the seat; putting Willow in, taking her out, being in a safe and secure position etc, in such a small space. We also wanted a car seat that was secure as possible so looking for one with ISOFIX was essential for us, and the Hug ISOFIX actually comes with the ISOFIX attached to the seat base, so you don't need to go out and buy a seperate base (although Cosatto do sell these if you need one, as well as adapters). Another important factor for us was a car seat that would last; we wanted to go for a Group 1, 2, 3 car seat, as these are designed to last up to approximately 12 years (or the max weight of 36kg).

The Hug ISOFIX ticks all these boxes, with a few more advantages, included too. It uses an extra-cushioned Side Impact Protection and 5 Point Safety Harness with anti-escape technology and quick-release buckle, which is an incredibly important feature for toddlers and older children, who have been known to try and escape from their car seats whilst travelling. Even when they move up to the Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the Hug ISOFIX, where a standard seatbelt is used with the car seat, you can still use the 5 Point Safety Harness as an extra measure of protection, which we plan to do, at least until Willow is older enough to properly understand why wearing a seatbelt is so important. The car seat itself adjusts and adapts to the three group sizes it covers, adjusting certain parts so that it's the right fit for your little one as they grow up, as well as being able to recline the car seat into different positions.

Of course, like all Cosatto products, the print is absolutely divine! We went for the Happy Stars print and it's been made with luxurious fabrics, leatherette upholstery, extra cushioning, soft and comfortable armrests and pads for the chest and tummy, as well as covers with pop-off so you can easily clean them. I just love the Happy Stars print; colourful, fun and unique!

Installation of the car seat itself was very easy, in fact, way easier than I expected. I love that having the ISOFIX built in means we don't have to faff around with taking the car seat in and out of the car, once it's in it's in and we're set to go whenever we're off out. Of course, it's easy to take out too should you need to switch it between cars, with taking the car seat out just as quick and easy as putting it in.

For us, this car seat ticks all the boxes, but what about Willow? Well, I think it's safe to say she adores her new car seat. As soon as it arrived she was smitten with the colourful print and kept pointing to all the stars, trying to say 'stars' in her own little way. Whenever we put her in the seat itself she has a huge smile, she loves being able to see more and you should see her face when the wind is blowing her hair! She's more engaging during car journies and generally just seems happier. I have no doubts she finds the car seat very comfortable to sit in and with the 5 Point Safety Harness being so easy to click together, it's easy for us to take her out and about without worrying.

You can check out the full Cosatto car seat range at and you can check out your local stockist at, with many retailers offering promotions and discounts. Cosatto car seats are also available online from Argos, Babies R Us, Halfords and Mothercare.

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