5 Things to do in Paphos Cyprus

12 May 2017

I've never been one who is happy just sitting in a hotel, instead preferring to explore and visit local attractions and places to see, so when we went to Cyprus in April, I made sure that we went out as much as possible. Here are my top five recommendations for things to do if you're staying in (or near to) Paphos, Cyprus.

What do to in Paphos Cyprus
What to do in Paphos Cyprus

001. Visit Paphos Harbour
We were lucky that our hotel, Akti Beach Village Resort, was fairly close to Paphos and all it's best bits, including the harbour. We spent a day there and found it a wonderful way to see more of Paphos. There are shops lining the harbour so great for shoppers, with a huge array of restaurants and cafes and of course, the harbour itself, where you can not only see some of the huge boats and yachts people have but even go on them too! If you're looking for somewhere to eat, Theo's Fish Restaurant does amazing desserts and drinks.

002. See The Tombs of the Kings
The Tomb of the Kings is great for those who love to archaeological sites. A site of underground tombs dating from the 4th Century BC, they are carved out of solid rock and were excavated in the 1970's and 1980's; it's believed the site was used as a burial site for Paphitic aristocrats and high-ranking officials.The terrain is rough, not great for pushchairs or little ones who have just started walking, but a lovely trip out for groups of friends, couples and older families.

003. Have a day out at Pafos Zoo
Pafos Zoo is one of the places which came up time and time again when I was researching places to visit when we were on holiday and I am so glad we made a day of it! Not too far from Coral Bay, it's set in the hills of Paphos with lakes, ponds and gardens creating a beautiful landscape as you follow the paths around the zoo meeting all the animals. With the third largest bird collection in Europe and a huge variety of mammals and reptiles and two museums on site, it's great fun for all ages and perfect for families. The parrot show is not to be missed and will leave you in awe of the beautiful parrots and owls who live at Pafos Zoo. For more information on Pafos Zoo, check out my feature: Pafos Zoo Cyprus Review.

004. Go on a boat trip
Why not get off the land and take an adventure out on the sea? Taking a boat trip can be a nice way to break up your day and glass bottom boats offer the chance to see the wildlife below the water, as well as historical sites and shipwrecks. It's also a great way to see more of Paphos as you sail by the coastline. There are plenty of companies who offer boat trips on the harbour, so worth checking out or asking your hotel for recommendations. Make sure you shop around, too, as the one we went on was smaller than we expected and didn't have the greatest viewing areas when it came to the glass bottom, but at just €10 per adult, we couldn't complain!

005. Visit the old town
If you want to see what Cypriot life is really like, then you must visit old Paphos town. It's a great way to see a more authentic version of Cypriot culture, not so tourist aimed as the new town and harbour, with more traditional shops, restaurants and bars and a lovely way to explore Paphos.

Paphos is a beautiful part of Cyprus and much quieter and calmer than other tourist spots in Cyprus. There are dozens of things you can do and see - these are just my top five! - and it makes a lovely family for everyone from couples to families and groups of friends. If you plan your trip in advance, you can make sure you take in as much of Paphos as time allows and it will make your holiday all the more memorable and enjoyable!

To find out more about Paphos, head to www.paphos.com.