Join the #WatchThemLearn Instagram Community

1 May 2017

Last year I started a monthly photo challenge over on Instagram for mamas all over the world and it went down fantastically well. I kept it running for quite a while, but after 4 or 5 months I simply couldn't think of anymore unique photo cues, and so I decided to stop. Since then I have wanted to start an Instagram community, a place where all the mamas who took part in my photo challenges can find other mamas to connect with, where parents can find new friends and where we can all find a little solace in knowing we're not alone in this crazy journey that is parenthood!

There are some super fun and inspiring Instagram communities out there, but I wanted something which concentrated on something I think is really important to me as a mother; watching my little girl learn. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and aid her development, and I want to document those moments, and so the idea for #WatchThemLearn began.

So what exactly is an Instagram community and how can you take part? Simply put, it's a way for people to connect via a specific hashtag; in this case, #WatchThemLearn. If you have a picture which you think fits the bill, for example, your little one reading, learning to go down the slide at the park for the first time, learning their numbers and ABC's, learning to bake cookies or getting dressed all by themselves, anything at all which shows your little one learning and developing? You can share that photo and use the #WatchThemLearn hashtag, to connect with other parents who are embracing their littles and helping them learn and grow.

By using the hashtag, which you can check via the search bar in your Instagram, we can see each other's photos and connect with like-minded parents, make new friends, even find someone who lives nearby for a playdate, the possibilities are endless! This isn't just for babies and toddlers, either; any children of any age and ability, we want to share these special moments with you! Bare in mind though, that if your profile is private, anyone who isn't following you will be unable to see your photos.

Of course, this isn't something I could take on alone - so I have asked four of my most favourite mama bloggers and Instagrammers to come on board too. We have Lucie (@LucieLovesIt) from Lucie Loves It, who is mama to 6-month-old Amelia, Rachel (@RachelAnne_Bee) from The Illustrated Teacup, who is mama to 10-month-old Henry, Nicole (@TheLittlestDarlings) from The Littlest Darlings, who is mama to Iris who is 6-months and Lucas who is about to turn 3 and Holly (@LittlePickleMom), from Little Pickle's Mom, who is mama to 11-month-old Toby. I absolutely adores these mamas, the photos they share over on Instagram and their blogs, which feature gorgeous parenting, lifestyle, fashion and beauty features. Make sure you check them out!

I hope you'll be as excited as we are about this new little community and I can't wait to see everyone's pictures of your little ones learning. Don't forget to tag your photos with #WatchThemLearn, and each fortnight we will be sharing our top 4 images and accounts which have featured the hashtag over the past two weeks!

Will you be joining in with #WatchThemLearn?