Cosatto Magic Unicorns Supa Stroller Review

16 May 2017

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At the end of March, I shared my first impressions of the Cosatto Supa Stroller, which I was incredibly excited to start using after such a positive experience with our Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System. After using our new stroller for 6 weeks now, I wanted to share my thoughts with you, on everything from the design, accessories, to how easy it is to use. Is it really worth £219.95?

Cosatto Magic Unicorns Supa Stroller Review
Cosatto Magic Unicorns Supa Stroller Review
Cosatto Magic Unicorns Supa Stroller Review
Cosatto Magic Unicorns Supa Stroller Review

If you follow me on Instagram (@TattooedTealady) and watch my daily Instastories, you will have seen us out and about with our stroller quite a lot. As soon as it arrived, our Giggle 2 Travel System was retired to the loft and we started using the Supa Stroller in its place. It was the first time I had Willow front-facing instead of the parent-facing mode I had been used to for 14 months, but it was actually much easier to get used to than I thought, especially with the viewing panels Cosatto have added in the hood. Technically, this viewing panel is for you to pop an iPad or similar in the hood to entertain your little one, but we don't let Willow use products designed for adults, so I just use it as a way to check she is OK!

We have used this stroller in every way imaginable. Short trips to the shops, longer trips on public transport, or via a car where the stroller folds down compact enough to fit in the boot of a small 2-door Toyota Yaris. We've used it on tarmac, grass, mud, through woods, at a farm park and even over rocks and gravel.

Folding it down is pretty easy, although I do find it's much more compact without the footmuff (which comes free with the stroller) and the rain cover (also free with the stroller). It's much easier than our travel system which used to go down in three parts, once you had removed the wheels too, so this is far quicker, easier and takes up a lot less space too. It's also very easy to re-open and can be done within a few seconds, which is very handy when you have a toddler waiting to get into it!

Getting Willow strapped in and ready to go is very quick and easy. She has less of a platform as such to rest her feet on that she did with our travel system, but as she grows and her legs get longer, she'll be able to comfortably rest her feet on the footrest. She seems pretty comfortable when sat in the stroller and certainly when it's fully reclined so she can have a nap. In fact, she seems more comfortable and happy napping in her stroller, than she was in our travel system.

It is super spacious and bless her, it makes Willow look so small. She has lots of room to grow into, which is just what we want as we want a stroller which will stand the test of time, as the saying goes! The basket underneath the stroller fits a decent amount; less so if you have the rain cover in there which can take up quite a bit of space, but the stroller itself is sturdy enough to use the handles to carry any shopping bags and of course, your much-needed changing bag!

I really like that the handles are adjustable and can be extended; this is done for people of different heights but I actually have the handles extended for myself as I find it makes me walk with far better posture, which is a huge positive for me. The cup holder is also a fab little addition and makes it easy for me to have Willow's water within reach when we're out and about.

Of course, the design, Magic Unicorns, is something I absolutely adore. I always find it impossibly hard to pick between the huge selection of designs that Cosatto offer, all of which are just absolutely gorgeous, bright and super fun for little ones, but I just couldn't resist these fab little unicorns and rainbows! We get so many compliments when out and about from friends, family and even strangers, on how much they love the fab and funky Magic Unicorns design, it's a winner for sure!

The best thing about this stroller for me? The ease of use and steering. I adored how easy our travel system was to steer and navigate when out and about and I was worried this wouldn't be as fluid. Thankfully, it is just as easy to steer and use, it's actually a dream to steer! Most importantly, I always feel in complete control of the stroller. Whatever the surface, whatever the weather, this stroller is an absolute breeze to use.

Do I think the Cosatto Supa Stroller is worth the price tag? Yes! I would wholeheartedly recommend checking out your local Cosatto stockist to see for yourself why this is such a fantastic stroller. Cosatto really is the top brand for us when it comes to those essential big baby buys and we are always proud to be seen with our Supa Stroller!

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