Our Changing Bag Essentials

22 May 2017

One thing we all associate with being a mother, is changing bags. Wherever we go, they go. Before we leave we have to pack them until they barely zip up, just in case we need anything throughout the day. You need changing essentials, something to occupy your little one, even snacks and drinks.

Recently I've been slim-lining our changing bag, only carrying the absolute essentials and trusting my instinct when it comes to deciding how much to take out with us for the day. Willow's needs have changed over the months and the older she gets, the things inside of our changing bag change. These are our current changing bag essentials, the products we always have to have in our changing bag whenever we leave the house.

Changing Bag Essentials for a 1 Year Old
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A changing mat for on-the-go is essential for us, particularly as public changing rooms can often have hard surfaces; a changing mat can make it much more comfortable for your little one - I also find it more hygienic than putting her on the same surface many dirty bums and nappies have been! Ours is from our Swarovski Elements Changing Bag, which I reviewed back in September 2016. Possibly taking it too far, but I also make sure we have a pack of Dettol Antibacterial Wipes with us wherever we go, which get used for wiping down changing units and highchairs. You would be amazed at how filthy changing units can be, even when they look clean - take a Dettol wipe to one next time you're using a public changing station, it'll come away black with dirt and grime!

When it comes to nappies we've always been really simple with our choices. We have used all the basic own brand ranges when it comes to nappies, starting with Aldi Mamia nappies which we used in size 1 and 2, Tesco Loves Baby nappies, which we have gone on to use in sizes 3, 4, 4+, 5 and 5+. A couple of weekends ago on a family weekend away, we ended up trying the Sainsbury's Little Ones nappies in a size 5+, and we're currently using ASDA Little Angels in a size 5 too.

We have never felt the need to splurge on the big brand names when it comes to nappies and we find all of these have been absolutely fine for us. Generally, between slight price changes between the above-mentioned brands, you can easily get three packs of nappies for £10 or less, which is a big saving compared to well-known brands. The ASDA Little Angels ones which we've been using for the past few weeks both during the day and night. They have a lovely fit that isn't too snug but keeps everything well and truly locked in, and Willow seems comfortable enough in them! I also find the ASDA Little Angels nappies don't bulge the way other brands do when they are full, they hold everything extremely well! Along with nappies we always make sure to have nappy bags, and will pick up whichever brand-own pack we spot when we need some more. We're currently using a pack of Aldi Mamia Nappy Sacks, which do the job just fine.

Waterwipes have been an essential for us since day one, the only wipes we use with Willow and the only ones I feel happy using on her skin. Unlike many brands whose products will use the words 'sensitive' or 'gentle' to advertise their wipes, Waterwipes are the only ones I think really fit that bill. They use just two ingredients; 99.9% water and just 0.1% fruit extract. You look at the back of any other 'sensitive' baby-friendly wipes and you'll see a dozen or more unnecessary ingredients, including alcohol; these are as simple as it gets and we have never once had to endure the dreaded nappy rash, which I truly believe is down to using these wipes.

Our favourite gentle product for nappy changes is the Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil, which lasts forever and works so well to keep skin happy. We use it for everything from nappy changes to treating cradle cap and moisturising. I've shared my love for Kokoso before in my feature on Baby Friendly Organic Brands back when I was pregnant, as well as our Baby Bath Time Essentials feature last May. A must-have for all new mamas and little ones of all ages!

Quick and easy, our changing bag essentials that we never leave the house without. What makes it into your changing bag?