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15 May 2017

Over Easter, we spent our first family holiday in Paphos, Cyprus. Cyprus is always my favourite destination to go to on holiday, being Cypriot myself and always feeling more 'at home' there. It had been a long time since my last holiday, 13 years in fact, and so I was really excited to be heading back to Cyprus, particularly as it would be Willow's first holiday and our first family holiday. We stayed at Akti Beach Village Resort, which is in Paphos, and we booked through

Booking a Cyprus holiday with Review

Deciding where to stay
We already knew the general area of Cyprus we'd like to stay, with Paphos being our top choice but I also looked at other hotels I've stayed in such as Natura Beach Hotel in Polis and Pernera Beach Hotel, which is on the other side of the island, at Protaras. We wanted somewhere that was more small-medium sized, family friendly and somewhere which wasn't too far from the local town so we could get out and about rather than just spending time in the hotel. We decided on Paphos because it's an area I know fairly well and I find this side of the island is quieter and more relaxed than the busy areas such as Ayia Napa.

Booking through was my go-to when looking at holidays as we wanted a package holiday and we have family who has booked through them before, so I felt they were reliable to use. I found the website easy enough to use and booking was easy, especially with the low deposit and ability to pay over a period of time before our holiday. When we decided on the resort we wanted to book, I found the Jet2Holidays website had plenty of information about the resort, the location, the facilities and food on offer as well as reviews which were mostly all very positive.

We booked back in October and had regular update emails from Jet2Holidays about how much balance we had left to pay, information was emailed to us about the area we'd be staying in as well as things we could do in the area and the customer services phone line was also incredibly helpful when I had questions about what we could and couldn't take on board, particularly for Willow.

Flights there and back
The flight to Cyprus took 4 hours and 40 minutes, whilst the flight back took 5 hours. It's been a long time since I have been on a plane and when I used to holiday regularly, with my parents back in my teens, we used companies such as First Choice. The difference I found between First Choice and Jet2Holidays is the space; you have decent enough leg room but the plane does feel very cramped and on a long flight, it's easy to become restless and want to get up and move about! I was also surprised there were no in-flight movies, as this isn't a facility Jet2Holidays have, but it's expected that there will be fewer benefits on a budget airline/budget package holidays.

We found the flight there more positive than the flight back. On the way there the air hostesses were generally more cheery and happy than on our return flight. We also had a serious issue on the way back, as Jet2Holidays had actually sold one of our seats to another passenger! One of the air hostesses was as helpful as she could be in sorting out the problem and I had to pull out all my confirmation emails and flight details (which I had thankfully printed off) to prove we had booked and paid for specific seats; even though they had all of our names on their flight list.

In the end, the gentleman who had been sat in one of our seats was moved - but I was disappointed that the air hostess manager did not apologise to us or even acknowledge us, in fact, we felt like we were the ones in the wrong! I felt that was quite an unprofessional attitude to take when they were the ones who had overbooked the flight and sold a seat we had specifically selected and paid extra for, to ensure we were all sat together.

We did purchase in-flight meals and for plane meals, we found them to be pretty good. We went for the 'all day breakfast' on both flights as we weren't keen on the other options. On our outward bound flight, this included a breakfast; baked beans, egg, sausage and bacon, with a bread roll, fresh pineapple and mango and a drink. On the flight back it was almost the same, but the fresh fruit had been swapped for a chocolate sponge cake and chocolate - I would have preferred the fruit though!

Akti Village Beach Resort
We decided to stay at Akti Village Beach Resort for a few reasons. It is super close to Paphos, close to lots of places to visit and most importantly, it had really good reviews! All of the reviews I read, both on the Jet2Holidays website and on Trip Advisor, commented on how well kept the resort is, how nice the food is and what a great variety they have on offer, the entertainment team seemed to impress visitors and it was on the seafront, which was exactly what we wanted. It came across as a really family-friendly place to stay, which was the most important thing for us.

I have a whole post dedicated to Akti Beach Village Resort coming up so I won't go into too much here, but what I will say is that the resort exceeded the expectations we had from the information on the Jet2Holidays website and we would wholeheartedly stay there again.

On-site Jet2Holidays holiday rep
We met up with our holiday rep on Monday morning, having arrived on Sunday evening, and she was really lovely to speak to. Welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable on the area, things we could do and places we could visit. She also massively helped us out by letting us know it would be much cheaper to book a transfer bus to Pafos Zoo through our hotel, rather than getting a taxi - you can read more about that in our Pafos Zoo Cyprus Review.

Would we use Jet2Holidays again?
The flight/sold seat issue/way we felt the managing air hostess was towards us aside, we haven't been put off of booking with Jet2Holidays in the future. In fact, I've spent pretty much every day since we returned 3 weeks ago browsing the website and wishing of our next holiday!

For us, as a family, we need a company that can provide budget-friendly package holidays in resorts that are catered to our needs, with flights and transfers included, and Jet2Holidays does exactly that.

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