Willow's 15 Month Update

28 Apr 2017

When Willow turned 1 I decided that quarterly updates would be better than monthly, and so it's been 3 months since I last updated you on my sassy little girl. A lot has happened in that time, changes and developments which have made my heart swell and this little person who was once my 8lbs 8oz baby is now a toddler. A toddler!

15 Month Baby Update

Walking and talking
When Willow's 1st birthday came around, there was a teeny tiny part of me that felt disappointed she wasn't walking yet. I've always been happy to let Willow do things at her own pace and I know that every baby is entirely different; they all do things at different ages, in their own time, and that will always be the right time for them. Yet, I still felt a bit 'meh', seeing a couple of babies younger than her confidently walking, I wondered, 'When will it be Willow's turn?'.

It turns out that March 12th was her turn. After months (starting back in November/December) of cruising and standing confidently unaided, she went from shuffling along the sofa to full on walking. For the first week or so it was slowly, very carefully, sometimes leaping forward to grab hold of whatever was closest, but within a couple of weeks she had it down to a T, walking confidently and with very little slip-ups too. No running yet, for which I'm grateful, but the pride you feel when your baby starts walking properly, well, I think I could have burst!

Speech is another thing Willow is doing wonderfully with. Over the past few weeks it seems she learns 1 new word a week. Some things she can say includes mama, dada, yes, thank you, good girl, oh yeah, oh dear, banana and she's also very vocal when she's ready for a nap or bedtime and this week is learning to say nan night. I'll be honest, I never expected her speech to come along so quickly at such a young age and I am immensely proud and awed by her speech every single day!

New experiences
Now Willow is older and more mobile, we are able to do more things with her. She will indepdently walk when we're out and about just as much as home, we're starting to try other things at the park rather than just the swings and her swimming is coming on brilliantly (did you see my Splash Babies Loughborough Review, where I shared Willow's progress and why swimming from such a young age is super important for our little ones? 

We're also exploring more, using Willow's smarTrike 5-in-1 Explorer to go for little walks and trips to the park. She loves being able to see more and have fun whilst we go out and about and it's a nice change for her from her trips out in the stroller or carrier.

This month we also had our very first family holiday, spending a week in Cyprus! It was lovely not only to be able to take Willow to the Country where my family are from, exploring Paphos and experiencing Cypriot life (even if more touristy than traditional!), but also a wonderful chance for Willow to meet more of her family who live in Cyprus. She was showered with love from my Thea (auntie) and cousins, and it was truly a holiday I'll always treasure. I have some posts coming up on our week away, so keep an eye out!

Some things never change
Despite turning into a fearless toddler, Willow is still full of love and smiles for everyone she meets. She is constantly congratulated by others on being such a kind, loving, friendly little girl and we are yet to introduce her to anyone who she doesn't make instantly smile and laugh! She's still inquisitive, if not more so now she is walking, and is also gaining a real understanding of what is right and wrong, although obviously this is something that will be tested over time and takes a lifetime of positive reinforcement to ensure even with adults, that we live life with the right morals, norms and values.

One thing which has slightly slowed down is her appetite. She is definitely eating less but still more than enough for her age and size and well in accordance with the amount she should be eating. Maybe it's the warmer weather! That said, she now has 12 teeth and seems to be constantly teething, so it may be down to that. Either way, so long as she's getting the recommended amount, I'm not going to worry!

Water is her preference when it comes to drinks; we even tried her on apple juice in Cyprus but she was having none of it! Milk is still a part of our morning and bedtime routine, too, which I don't see stopping anytime soon.

The changes we have seen in Willow over the past 3 months have been astounding and I know we only have more adventures and exciting developments ahead.