Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Face Palette Review

7 Apr 2017

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Make Up Forever is a brand which constantly gets mentioned by beauty gurus on YouTube. Everyone raves about their products, especially the longevity, and I've been eager to try them for quite some time. Make Up Forever have been available in the UK for a couple of years now and over the past few months, I have been trying a couple of their most raved about products, starting with the Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Face Palette.

Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Face Palette Review

Recently I have been all about the compact palettes which are lightweight and house everything you need in one place. With our holiday creeping closer, I want to ensure I take as little makeup as possible, whilst still having a selection for a variety of looks and needs. The Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Face Palette fits the bill perfectly, with a lightweight compact palette featuring 4 cream products; a contour shade, a lightening and highlighting shade, a blush shade, and a more shimmery highlight shade. 

The palette is available in 4 different 'tones'; light skin tones, medium skin tones, tan skin tones and dark skin tones. Unsurprisingly, each palette option is more suited to the complexion it most fits name wise. I have an olive Meditterrean complexion and have been using the medium skin tones palette, and actually, find all of the shades to be spot on for my complexion. 

The contour shade is wonderful, with its creamy yet firm formula that allows you to precisely apply to the areas you would like to contour and define. I use this more for most of my contouring although due to the amount of product provided in the palette, do tend to reserve it for smaller areas which require less product, such as my nose and eyes. 

I find the highlight shade to be good for a brightening, especially under my eyes, and use the contour and highlight shade much in the same way I have used my MAC Pro Sculpting Creams. I use the shimmer shade in the areas I would normally apply a powder highlighter, so the top of my cheek bones, my brow bone and, if I am going all out with all the makeup steps I like to do when I have time, my cupid's bow too.

The blush shade is beautiful, a really soft rosy pink which isn't overpowering at all and actually, would work wonders all year round no matter the season. Like the contour and highlight shade, it's has a lovely subtle matte finish that actually does wonders to make me look healthy and more alive, which is a must when you're running after a 1-year-old. 

It's been quite some time since I tried a new contouring and highlighting palette and I'm super impressed with the quality of Make Up Forever's offering. The only downside to this palette is that each pan in my own palette is loose. I have had to keep each one in place with a dot of Blu-tac, but, it'd certainly make things easier if you wanted to depot them into something of the likes of a Z Palette

You can pick up your own Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Face Palette at, RRP £31.
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