Splash Babies Loughborough Review

25 Mar 2017

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Earlier this year I shared the news that Willow and I had been selected as one of the 2017 Konfidence Swimoligists. Having wanted to start swimming lessons with Willow since last summer, this is incredibly exciting for us, as it finally spurred us on to get Willow swimming. The lovely team at Konfidence signed us up to a local swimming class, Splash Babies, which operate all over Leicestershire and offer classes from the age of 4 weeks old, with different classes for different age groups and abilities. Willow is now in her second term, and so today I wanted to share our experience with you, whether you're local and wondering whether to join Splash Babies or curious about getting your little one swimming too.

Splash Babies Loughborough Review

Splash Babies Loughborough Review
It was really important for us as a family, that Willow learnt to swim from a young age. Although schools teach swimming, I personally struggled to keep up with the other kids in my class when it came to swimming lessons, so I wanted Willow to start young and already be confident by the time she reaches the age where a school will teach her.  For me knowing how to swim is an incredibly important life skill; it could quite literally save a life, so it was a no-brainer that Willow would start swimming as soon as possible.

Our regular Splash Babies lessons take place every Sunday morning, which has become a welcome addition to our weekly routine; we always look forward to our lessons and it's a lovely way to start our Sunday's. Splash Babies was founded by Kirsty Freer, who enjoyed taking her eldest son swimming so much, that when she had a second son, she decided to start her own classes and teach her children how to swim herself.

The classes cover Splash Babies and Splash Kids; Splash Babies covers the ages of 4 weeks to 4 years, with Splash Babies being from the age 4 years. The Splash Babies classes are available at several different locations around Leicestershire; Abbey Sports & Leisure Club (Frog Island), Beacon Academy (Shelthorpe, Loughborough), Brookside Primary School (Oadby), David Lloyds (Meridan Leisure Park), Riverside Primary School (Birstall), Roundhill Academy (Thurmaston), West Gate School (Glenfield) and Winstanley Community College (Kingsway North), whilst the Splash Kids lessons take place at Riverside Primary School and Winstanley Community College. 

The lessons last 30 minutes, which I think is an ideal time because it makes sure little ones stay engaged in the lesson without getting tired or distracted. A full term course for the Splash Babies groups costs between £60 - £80, depending on which location you go to, how long the term is for that particular class and what day of the week the class takes place; each individual lesson works out at £10, which isn't bad at all when you consider the costs of a family swimming session at your local pool, which for two adults and one child works out the same or even more.

If you miss a lesson there's no need to worry, as you'll be offered a 'catch-up lesson', at any of the locations, and for first-time joiners, there's also the fantastic opportunity to take a 'trial lesson'. This is a great way to see if Splash Babies is the right class for you, before committing to a full term of lessons. The trial lessons work in two ways; you can either take part in a lesson or sit and watch a lesson.

The Splash Babies team are trained not only as swimming instructors but with St John's Ambulance as First Aiders, as well as being fully CRB checked. So you can rest assured that not only will your little one be getting a proper swimming lesson, but they are also in extremely safe hands. The lessons help with balance and coordination, muscle development, metabolism, confidence and safety in the water, and if your little one is anything like Willow, it makes sure she has a fantastic long sleep as she has had so much fun at her lesson and had a proper little baby workout!

Splash Babies Loughborough Review

Splash Babies Loughborough Review

To say Willow enjoys her lessons would be unjust to the Splash Babies team. I think they are her favourite thing in the world (even over bananas!) and the sheer joy on her face, whenever we arrive at a lesson, is just amazing to see. Admittedly I was a little apprehensive, worried even, about how she would take to the lessons, especially starting at 11 months, but she has taken to it like a duck to water! She has never cried or fussed in the water, never shown any unhappiness at being in the water and I think the Splash Babies team will agree, keeps everyone on their toes with her constant chattering and splashing!

Prior to starting her Splash Babies lessons, Willow always enjoyed bath time, but washing her hair could be hit and miss. Sometimes she was absolutely fine with it, others she would try and climb out of the bath as soon as you started rinsing! Now? She tilts her head back perfectly and even if water goes over her face, she isn't phased at all, something I think is entirely down to the submersion they do at the end of each lesson. She has gained so much confidence through her Splash Babies lessons that reflect in her bath times, as she tries to copy the techniques she has learnt in her lessons like blowing bubbles in the water.

In the lessons themselves, Willow could not be happier. She wears her Konfidence Babywarma for each lesson, which helps to keep her warm throughout the lessons and is incredibly easy to pop on and off. She glides through the water, obviously being held and supported by her daddy, and is already picking up little techniques which will one day help her swim; kicking her legs out to move in the water, learning to support herself in the water, blowing bubbles (helping her to learn to breathe out in the water), and she now she knows when to dip her head at the end of each lesson ready to go underwater for her submersion.

As for the Splash Babies team? Each of the instructor's Willow has had, has ensured her lessons have been fun, and most importantly, that she learns something new. They have helped my little girl gain so much confidence in the water, which is just amazing to see grow and grow each week. Each instructor is incredibly friendly and welcoming, it really does make the biggest difference to the lessons to have such an amazing team teaching her. I completely trust Splash Babies to keep my daughter safe in the water, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough, they are brilliant!

We hope to continue with Willow's Splash Babies lessons, such a beloved part of our weekly routine, I don't know what we'd do without our lessons each week! You can follow Willow's Splash Babies journey over on Instagram @TattooedTealady where I share weekly photos and videos, as well as Instastories, as well as the Tattooed Tealady Facebook Page.

To find out more about Splash Babies and book your little one onto the next term, head to www.splashbabies.org. You can also find Splash Babies on Facebook and Twitter.

To check out the full Konfidence swimwear range, head to www.konfidence.co.uk.

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