Cosatto Supa Stroller First Impressions

29 Mar 2017

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Back when I was pregnant with Willow, we decided on a Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel system. When looking for pushchairs and travel systems before our baby arrived, we couldn't help but be drawn in by the beautiful prints and bright colours of Cosatto products. Our travel system turned out to be money well spent, and we have adored using it from birth. Now that Willow is 14 months and turning from baby to excitable toddler, it was time for her to move onto a stroller and having loved the quality and ease of use of our Cosatto travel system, we knew a Cosatto stroller was the perfect pick.

Cosatto Supa Stroller First Impressions
Cosatto Magic Unicorns Supa Stroller Review

Cosatto Magic Unicorns Supa Stroller Review

Cosatto Magic Unicorns Supa Stroller Review
We knew from using our travel system over the past 14 months, that Cosatto is a brand whose products are high-quality, easy and fuss free to use and of course, super colourful and entrancing for little eyes. Our travel system could have been used for a good while longer, but it's quite big and as we rely on public transport to get around, Willow was ready for a stroller, which takes up far less room and is lighter and easier to transport around.

I actually spent quite some time comparing the different strollers on offer, including the Supa, Supa Go, Yo 2, Fly (and for twins, the Supa Dupa, Supa Dupa Go and To & Fro Duo). As I realised when searching for our travel system when I was pregnant; a pushchair might fit the bill looks wise, but it may not necessary fit the bill usage wise. It's good to check the specifications and also online reviews from customers, to see if a particular model is best for you and your little one.

We decided to go for the award-winning Cosatto Supa Stroller. Of the strollers on offer, it seemed to tick the right boxes when it came to durability, size and weight, design and functionality. I wanted something which was as well made and much lighter than our travel system, with the great ease of steering we were used to and a good space for a changing bag or bits and bobs as we're out and about. It also needed to be easy to fold up, adjust; the Supa has expandable handles to make them higher, and not so big it was a struggle to get onto public transport or the boot of a car. 

For the Supa, there are currently 9 designs available, and it was actually pretty hard to pick. I love the look of the star themed Happy Stars design, the floral Tropico is just absolutely beautiful, but in the end I just couldn't resist the amazing Magical Unicorns design. Rainbows and unicorns, does it get much better? For us, no other brand compares to Cosatto when it comes to bright, bold designs. I love a neutral grey accessory as much as the next mama, but things like pushchairs and strollers are for our little ones, and for Willow we want something that's fun, eye-catching, something interesting to look at. The Magic Unicorns design fits the bill perfectly!

It arrived well packaged just like our travel system and was super easy to open up, just pressing down on a central mechanism. It comes with a rain cover that covers every inch of the stroller, as well as a detachable footmuff. It also has a hood, with UPF50+ protection, which can be adjusted to 2 sizes, good for opening up to cover more and keep out sunlight if your little one falls asleep, and shortened to let them look around and explore when you're out and about. The hood also includes viewing panels so you can check everything is OK. 

The stroller seat itself can be lowered if your toddler wants to lie down and catch 40 winks, a cup holder which can be used by mama too, chest pads and a pretty decently sized storage basket under the stroller seat, which is a really important feature for me. As with all Cosatto products, there is a 4-year guarantee, so as soon as you register your new stroller you are covered for 4 years under the usual Cosatto warranty. 

On first impressions, the Supa is our perfect match stroller. I'm hoping it'll live up to my expectations and I'm taking it out for its first official road test tomorrow. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be putting our Supa to the test as much as possible, with visits to the park, going out shopping and getting to and from appointments. Once Willow has given it a thorough testing, I'll be back with a review of our thoughts on the Supa after using it for 4 weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

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