VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Review

6 Jan 2017

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I'm one of those odd ones who likes cleaning (particularly polishing, I have no idea why), especially now that I have a very active almost 1-year-old who likes to crawl everywhere and is starting to walk, picking up everything in her sight.

When we moved house in July, we moved into a home which featured carpet throughout the upstairs, which meant we needed a few more household essentials to keep on top of things, as our old home was wooden floors throughout so we didn't need anything fancy. You'll find a hoover in pretty much any home in the UK, yet we'd always had second or third-hand ones from family, and so trying to find one which was reasonably priced and easy to use was quite a task! Who knew vacuum cleaners were so hi-tech and confusing?

VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Review
VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Review
VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Review

VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Review
VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner ReviewVAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Review

We wanted something that would be quick and easy to use on a day to day basis, as well as safe to use around an ever inquisitive almost 1-year-old. Something lightweight, easy to carry around the house and not too big that it takes up too much space. I remember the hoovers my parents used to have way back in the early 90's and everything was so bulky, big and heavy. I also wanted a multi-tasker, something which has different modes or attachments that would let me use it for different things like wooden flooring as well as carpet and smaller pipes for hard to reach places, that sort of thing.

The VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum ticks all of our boxes, and one we didn't consider; using a cordless vacuum cleaner is so much easier than one with a wire and plug. We can take it anywhere in the house in a second, and with the battery having a 60 minute-ish usage time, we can easily use it over a couple of days before needing to recharge. It's very easy to store and keep out of the way too, we pop ours in the cupboard under the stairs, as it's quite slimline in design and so takes up minimal space.

It twists and turns wherever you guide it and manages to pick up the hardest to reach little bits, I find it much quicker to use than our last hoover which was double the size and much heavier too. I'd have to lift it to get into corners but with the Air Cordless Lift, it gets into every nook and cranny with ease. I can use the lift out pipe for getting into corners or up on the ceiling, and because it's so easy to move around, I can be done much quicker than I would wire your usual plug-in, heavier hoover.

You can actually lift out the central cylinder which makes it even lighter and easier to hold and use around the house - you can watch the video on the VAX website to see just how many different surfaces and heights the Air Cordless Lift can cover.

A really handy feature to the Air Cordless Lift is the built-in LED lights, which come on as soon as you turn the vacuum on and help you to see any spots you might otherwise miss. There's even a 'Boost' feature, which whacks the suction up a bit for those more stubborn spots that need a bit more power to get them out. It really does cut down my cleaning time and considering Willow isn't the biggest fan of the noise it makes, which is louder than I thought it would be for such a compact and lightweight product, it's handy that it can do a thorough job so quickly and effectively.

Overall it's really quick and easy to put together, and charge, it works well to clean both carpeted and wooden floors and has turned out to be much better than we expected it to be. Products like this are an investment and you have to choose wisely if you want a product that will last; VAX also offer a 6-year guarantee on their Air Cordless Lift, so you're covered for a really decent amount of time. It comes with a 2-in-1 Dusting Brush/Crevice Tool, 2 Lithium Life Batteries, a Battery Charger, User Guide and of course, the vacuum cleaner itself.

The Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner costs £299, which is on the more reasonably priced end of the scales from the brands we came across when trying to find the most family and budget friendly option. The really do have a huge option of products available for all budgets though with their cordless range starting from £49.

You can check out the full range of VAX products over on, with ordering direct or via Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco.

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