Save Money With Tesco Baby Club Event

25 Jan 2017

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Every few months Tesco hold their hugely popular Baby Club Event, an event which takes place both in-store at Tesco nationwide as well as online on the Tesco website. The event takes place over a two week period a few times throughout the year and has been a fantastic way for us to save money as a family when needing to stock up on baby essentials; I was shopping the baby event when I was pregnant and we still check out every event that comes around now that Willow is almost 1.

Save Money With Tesco Baby Club Event Review

As a family of 3, we like to stick to a reasonable budget when it comes to our shopping and that includes baby and household essentials as well as food. Tesco is always our first choice as it happens to be our closest superstore and I can easily do a week's food shop in our local store for £45; which includes anything we need for Willow or the house. The Baby Event helps me stick to that budget, as it means I can stock up on everyday products we need and products we couldn't be without, all at fantastic prices, often massively reduced and most items an incredible 50% off!

Some of our regular items in the baby events include the Tesco Loves Baby range such as the non-bio baby friendly laundry products, nappy bags and nappies, body care and bath products, toothpaste and all the fun stuff like Willow's snacks which we always have on hand when we pop out for the day. Our favourite items to check out when the Teco Baby Club Event comes around are the toys, which are usually half price; it's how I managed to get Willow some of her lovely Christmas presents last year and for her 1st birthday tomorrow, by snapping up amazing deals on toys and big name brands during the events and putting them away until she is old enough to use them or for gifts during her first Christmas and birthday. We are just a family of 3, but I imagine if you have more children then the savings you make throughout the year at the baby events could be really big!

The events certainly helped us when I was pregnant and trying to navigate my way through a brand new world of baby clothes and nappies and wipes and all these products I really was quite clueless about! Thankfully I'm not the only one who felt that way when first starting to prepare for family life and many new parents feel that although preparation is key, first-hand experience will always make us feel more confident and happy in the choices we make for our families. Oh how I wish I had known when I was pregnant that it's normal not to have a clue what to do when your newborn finally arrives, and after a while, you soon find your own tricks and ways of doing things.

You can check out the bargains on offer during the Tesco Baby Club Event, which runs until February 1st 2017, in your local Tesco store as well as online at I also really recommend making sure you are signed up to the Tesco Baby Club, as they offer some fantastic offers and really great features for expectant, new and well-experienced parents alike.

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