Lush Prince of Darkness Fresh Face Mask Review

11 Jan 2017

Lush Fresh Face Masks have been a favourite of mine for going on 5 years now, a big fan of the concept of the range which needs to be stored in the fridge and used within a certain time frame. When I recently visited the Oxford Street store I had to try their exclusive mask, Prince of Darkness, really excited to see why this mask was so special that it was limited to Oxford Street shoppers.

Lush Prince of Darkness Fresh Face Mask Review
Lush Prince of Darkness Fresh Face Mask Review
Lush Prince of Darkness Fresh Face Mask Review

In colour the mask itself is certainly stand out; it's black, a deep, deep black. Unlike many of the masks in the range which are more nourishing, hydrating or soothing, this one has an exfoliating aspect, a mask and scrub in one. It uses fine Sea Salt to exfoliate Charcoal to cleanse and Lavender Oil, which works to refresh and balance skin, alongside Fullers Earth, an ingredient loved for giving skin a more plumped up effect.

Scent wise it's not my favourite and to me smells almost like liquorice, which is one ingredient whether products wise or food wise that I generally steer clear of. One of the key ingredients, however, is actually Patchouli Oil, which I adore, so I'm unsure whether a couple of the ingredients mix with the Patchouli Oil to give it a liquorice twang.

The application is easy, applying as normal with an old foundation brush, I've been using it mostly on my chin, nose and forehead but on the odd occasion, all over too. It does have a lovely cooling effect when applied, which comes as standard with Lush face masks as they are stored in the fridge due to their fresh ingredients. When it comes to removing Prince of Darkness, I do find that it can feel more abrasive than you would think considering the Sea Salt is so fine in texture and if you have sensitive skin you may find this mask a no-go. I find massaging the mask into my skin with warm water once it's been on for the recommended time followed up with a warm muslin cloth does the job in removing all traces, much easier to remove than some exfoliating masks I have tried in the past.

Effects wise I do notice my skin looks and feels clearer after use, managing to cleanse and exfoliate my skin well; but following up with a hydrating skincare routine is a must for me as otherwise, it can leave my skin feeling a touch rough in texture.

Overall I'm glad I've given this Oxford Street exclusive a try, but I don't think it's a mask I would repurchase, which is very rare for me when it comes to Lush Fresh Face Masks.

Have you tried Prince of Darkness? What's your favourite Lush Fresh Face Mask?


  1. The smell actually seems pretty awesome, I know that my partner would love it so it would probably be gone by the time I want to use some ha!

    Mel ★

    1. Ha! You should give it a try if you think it's something you'd like :) xo