We're Konfidence 2017 Swimoligists!

7 Jan 2017

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Swimming is something I really enjoyed as a child and still now, it's something I wish I had more time to do more often. Although I'm not personally the biggest fan of popping on a swimming costume and diving in at the deep end, I always feel really quite serene and content when I'm swimming. Outdoor pools and sandy beaches are my favourites for a swim, and on childhood holidays you'd be hard pushed to get me out of the water. Snorkelling is another favourite too, although I'm not sure I'd ever have the guts to do deep sea diving.

Konfidence Swimwear Review

I want Willow to be just as happy in water as I am, and so I think it's really important that the earlier she starts learning, the better. I want her to grow up with swimming being a normal thing for her, something she is excited to do, and not to be afraid of the water or unable to swim on family holidays, stuck on the beach with her sandcastles. That's why I am absolutely thrilled to tell you all some very exciting news about 2017 and the fact that Willow and I are one of the wonderful team of 5 bloggers taking on the role of a Konfidence Swimologist

So what exactly is a Konfidence Swimologist? Konfidence is the leading brand of designers and manufacturers of swimwear for babies and children, with products covering everything from a quick dip in your local pool to exploring the ocean on your sunny family holiday. They have a huge range of products which includes buoyancy aids, wetsuits, sun protection clothing and swim nappies, to ensure that your little ones are comfortable, safe and protected when swimming. 

As a Konfidence Swimologist, Willow and I will be putting the Konfidence range to the test, taking part in a 6 week Splash Babies course at our local pool and helping Willow learn the basics when it comes to water and swimming. Becoming a Konfidence Swimologist in 2017 is great timing for us, as we have wanted to start Willow swimming for quite a while now and with our first family holiday to Cyprus coming up later in the year, it's the ideal time to get Willow more comfortable in big spaces of water; she loves bath time, so I'm really hoping she'll love swimming just as much! 

Willow's first lesson is tomorrow morning and we are both excited and nervous! A little nervous to see how she reacts in a swimming pool, but excited to see her face as she experiences something new. Her daddy will be the one joining her in the water this time, although I'm determined to join her for one of her lessons so that I can enjoy this amazing experience with her too!

Over the course of 2017 I'll be sharing snaps of our swimming lessons and first family holiday, putting Konfidence swimwear to the test, as well as reviewing the range itself; baby swimwear is something to invest in and we'll be making sure that Konfidence fit the bill, recommending our favourite must-have products and designs. You can keep up with our weekly swimming lessons over on Instagram and Twitter (both @tattooedtealady), where I am sure I'll be sharing snippets of our experience, with some exciting features to go live right here on the blog!

If you've taken part in baby swimming lessons I'd love to hear how they went for you and whether they helped your little one become a confident little swimmer, and in the meantime, make sure you check out the full range of Konfidence swimwear over at www.konfidence.co.uk.

*Products and Splash Babies Course kindly provided by Konfidence. 
We are not paid to be Konfidence Swimoligists/ambassadors.
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