Healthier Meal Choices with Fit Kitchen

30 Jan 2017

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Good food is important to me and it's important that I ensure the food I put together for our family meals is healthy, nutritious and has a good mix of everything we need, and enjoy. I've always been really good at putting together a hearty breakfast, prefer a light snack for lunch and cooking all sorts of cuisines when it comes to dinner time. Since returning to work in late 2016, I've had less and less time on my hands and so I've started to opt for quicker meal ideas, particularly when my work hours mean some days I eat alone whilst Willow has her meals with her daddy. Straying away from the microwave meals we're used to, Fit Kitchen is an easy way to eat a healthy, balanced meal that also happens to taste delicious. They're the perfect portion sizes to grab and have by yourself and the flavours are really fresh and vibrant.

Fit Kitchen Meals Review
Fit Kitchen Meals Review

Fit Kitchen Malaysian Chicken Review

The range consists of four meal options, so fairly modest selection on offer but I am looking forward to seeing the range expand and the flavour combinations the Fit Kitchen team put together. They launched in Sainsbury's stores all over the UK at the beginning of January and each meal is high in all the good stuff we're told to ensure is in our daily intake; high in protein, vitamin and fibre content, low calories and saturated fat and each meal includes three of your five a day recommendation vegetable portions.

Fit Kitchen takes the ease of ready meals and has given them a healthy twist, being created by a nutritionist Sharmain Davis and Professional MasterChef winner Ash Mair, far from the high fat, high salt and high-calorie options you're using to seeing in your local Sainsbury's store. I love cooking from fresh and a lot of the time that's to avoid the unnecessary added extras and high fat and salt content which comes with processed foods. Having a Fit Kitchen meal in the fridge for those days where I'm working 9:30 am - 8 pm is ideal for me, as it ensures I not only have a meal that is going to be much better for me than pie and chips but a meal that is more to my tastes flavour wise. I'm hugely into cooking foods from all over the world and the Fit Kitchen range hits the spot perfectly!

The meals on offer are Pad Thai Chicken with Zest Sauce, Middle Eastern Grilled Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken and my favourite of the four, Malaysian Grilled Chicken, which I actually tucked into today and thoroughly enjoyed. The flavour of all the Fit Kitchen meals I have tried have been really spot on, really fresh too and the selection of vegetables in each one has been a perfect match for the flavour and cuisine of each meal. To be honest, I'm surprised just how fresh and authentic they taste for a ready prepared meal. They don't take ages in the oven, just needing a few minutes in the microwave as per the instructions.

Would I buy Fit Kitchen again? Definitely. I'm really impressed with the flavour, nutrition, the packaging which is just super fun and stand-out and Fit Kitchen makes a perfect alternative to my usual grazing on a long work day.

Available online at and Sainsbury's stores nationwide, RRP £3.80.

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