A Lush Haul Perfect for Winter Pampering

5 Jan 2017

I've gone a bit Lush mad recently, which seems to be a yearly trend as soon as the colder weather starts creeping in and all of a sudden I have a desperate need for hot bubble baths with colourful water and softening lotions and potions. Winter brings out the pampering addict in me, and Lush is the perfect brand to keep my skin happy this winter. I've picked up a few products over the past month or so, some limited edition, some exclusives to the Oxford Street store and some old favourites that I couldn't resist trying again.

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First, a couple of old favourites, like Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter which I fell in love with many years ago and originally shared a review of back in 2012: Lush Lemony Butter Cuticle Butter Review. I've always had good nails that are strong, have lovely white smile lines and are very hard and easy to work with when it comes to polish. My cuticles on the other hand often suffer from the cold, and those nervous moments when bad habits kick in and I forget to apply hand cream throughout the day. It's been a couple of years since I had this luxuriously thick, buttery yellow cuticle cream in my stash and after just a few days use, I am head over heels in love again. It uses cleansing and refreshing Fresh Organic Lemon Juice, skin-softening Mango Butter, nourishing and hydrating Fair Trade Shea Butter and a touch of comforting Tagetes Oil. It's an exceptionally hydrating cream which works hard on dry skin and helps to soften skin, not just on your cuticles, but elbows, knees, feet and anywhere else you have super dry skin that needs a little bit of TLC.

Two more repurchases, this time centred around foot products, are Volcano Foot Mask and Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion. Volcano was one of the very first products I reviewed here on Tattooed Tealady, way back in April 2012 (Lush Volcano Foot Mask & Scrub Review) and has over the years, proved to be the most effective foot mask I have come across. It's one of those ones you need to set time aside for, as it can get quite messy and is best to keep your feet up and have 20 minutes of rest whilst it gets to work. A thick clay based mask, it uses exfoliating and polishing Pumice, stimulating and brightening Fresh Papaya, cleansing and uplifting Lemon Oil and refreshing and cooling Fresh Tomatoes - yes, real tomato! I like to pop on a generous layer before wrapping in cling film and putting my feet up for the recommended 20 minutes, before rinsing away under warm water. This mask leaves my feet insanely soft and works well at banishing dry heels too, which is something I definitely need.

I featured the Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion back in 2013 in my end of year Best of 2013: Body Care products feature, and it still remains a long time favourite of mine. It's actually not the most hydrating foot cream I have come across; that place is held by a discontinued product from The Body Shop, but it's next on the list when it comes to a deeply hydrating, softening and pampering foot cream. With a mix of cooling and invigorating Peppermint Oil, aromatic and cleansing Arnica Infusion, softening and conditioning Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and clear and comforting Tagetes Oil, it's the perfect product at the end of a long day on your feet. The Peppermint Oil leaves your skin feeling cooled, relieved from pressure and leaves a very subtle tingle that makes feet feel fresher instantaneously. The consistency of the lotion is just right and very easy to massage in, whilst still offering long-lasting hydration.

Each Christmas I bulk buy some of my favourite products and a regular to make it's way into my Lush basket over recent years is the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (you can check out my review in my Christmas with Lush feature from back in December 2016). I'm such a big fan of Lush bubble bars as I think value for money wise, they are one of the best products on offer from Lush, and this year since I started introducing Lush products to Willow at bath time, Candy Mountain has been one of her favourites. It has a lovely sweet vanilla scent, thanks to Vanilla Absolute, and leaves your bath water a lovely soft pink.

Another bubble bar I picked up, this time from the Lush Kitchen, is Supertramp Bubble Bar. Tramp, a fragrance which was discontinued many, many years ago, still remains to be my ultimate favourite Lush scent and so when I spotted this interesting take on the Tramp scent, I decided I had to give it a try. Supertramp has that same mossy green woody scent of Tramp, just a little bit softer than Tramp which is slightly deeper and warmer in scent.

I've tried a few different scents (flavours?!) from the Lush Lip Scrub range over the years, but when I was visiting the Lush Oxford Street store recently I was instantly drawn in by the pale purple Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub which was one of the limited edition products last Christmas. On first impressions it's not as easy to use as other scrubs I've tried from Lush, with this one feeling a little drier in consistency and therefore less easy to massage in. That said I do love the soft blackcurrant scent that makes it smell like Ribena, and it does the job good enough.

One limited edition Christmas product that did blow me away, however, was the beautiful Sleepy Body Lotion, which I am already wishing I stockpiled to last me through the year. My favourite new Lush product in a long while, it's a delicately soft cream which instantaneously leaves skin feeling softer, hydrated and plump to the touch once applied. The scent is almost identical to the Twilight range and it uses both Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter to help leave skin super-soft. I have a huge tub for myself and a mini tub for Willow; I just hope they bring this back next year so I can stockpile for 2018!

Have you treated yourself to any Lush products recently? Perhaps you had a favourite from the Christmas collection? Let me know, and be sure to leave me your recommendations for your favourite Lush products that I need to try!

Non-limited edition products available in-store and online at uk.lush.com.