The Home Fragrance Christmas Gift Guide

20 December

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Something I think is really lovely to gift at Christmas is a beautiful candle or home fragrance, something you've picked out because you know the recipient will enjoy the scent it creates, a luxurious gift that's different from your usual beauty options at this time of year. Great for friends who've moved into a new place, older relatives who enjoy using candles or even a new scent for your own home, something which will always remind you of this festive time of year.

Charles Farris Grand Cascade Signature 3 Wick Candle Review
Woods of Windsor Citrus & Basil and Tudor Rose Fragranced Candles Review

Rathbones Beyond the Pale Travel Candle Gift Set Review

Woods of Windsor Citrus & Basil and Tudor Rose Fragranced Candles (£15.99)
I'm a big fan of stand-out fragrances and love anything which is invigorating and refreshing as well as the more warming, slighter sweeter scents. Woods of Windsor have two perfect scents that would make lovely gifts this Christmas; Tudor Rose, which is a beautiful just-bloomed rose scent with a twist of Lily, Violet, soft woody notes and a touch of Vanilla, whilst Citrus & Basil is like walking through a well-loved herb garden with top notes of Citrus, Grapefruit, Lime and Orange, Basil, Bay and Jasmine heart notes and a woody base mixed with the perfect amount of Patchouli. Each has an approximate burn time of 42 hours, which makes them a candle that will last you quite a while, presented in simple clear candle jars.

Woods of Windsor Citrus & Basil and Tudor Rose Fragranced Diffuser (£19.99)
In the same beautiful scents as the candles, Woods of Windsor also have fragranced reed diffusers. I adore having reed diffusers around the house as they're great for a scent which lingers well, an alternative to candles that lasts up to 3 months. They add a lovely homely feel to our house and help to give the house it's very own 'signature scent'!

Rathbones Beyond the Pale Travel Candle Gift Set (£42) 
A luxurious scent affair with three Rathbones candles in travel size, each with a different scent, beautifully presented inside a white and gold gift box to represent the Rathbones brand. Each individual travel candle has a burn time of up to 20 hours, so the set together will last your lucky giftee up to 60 hours burn time. The scents include Dublin Tea Rose, Cedar & Clove and White Pepper and Honeysuckle. A gorgeous selection from a brand I fell in love with last Christmas - this would make the most magical scented gift for any candle lovers in your life.

Charles Farris Grand Cascade Signature 3 Wick Candle (£60)
Compared to the other scents I have mentioned, Grand Cascade is a truly bold, warming and deep heady scent from Charles Farris that has a dominating yet calming style to it. It's presented in a huge textured deep navy blue jar, with a pure white wax and 3 wicks. It offers up to 80 hours burn time and has been hand-poured right here in England, so great for those who love home-grown products. It has been inspired by aged leather and woodsmoke scents with a mix of fresh Moss and Amber; it's one of those scents that would awaken your home on a cold winters day.

Woods of Windsor products are available to buy online at, with Charles Farris and Rathbones being available online at You can find Rathbones over at whilst Charles Farris is available at

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