Christmas with Lush

17 Dec 2016

I’ve been a Lush customer since I was in my early teens and every year since, their gorgeously packaged and deliciously scented gift sets are always my happiest to see under the tree. I remember the first Lush Christmas gift set I had many years ago way back in my teens, and how excited I was to try all the products inside. I still get that excitement now, even more so as the Lush range has expanded over the years and their gift sets have become more unique and special.

Lush 12 Days of Christmas Gift Set Review
This year I’m sharing my favourite gift sets on offer from Lush this festive season, with a perfect set for every budget. Will you be giving the gift of Lush this Christmas?

Lush Ice Ice Baby Gift Set ReviewLush Ice Ice Baby Gift Set Review

Ice Ice Baby Gift Set (£9.95) is a fab one for children and teenagers this Christmas, featuring two Lush products with subtle scents that will be sure to please even the fussiest of teenagers.

Inside you will find Snowman Shower Jelly and Igloo Soap. The Shower Jelly range is super fun and can be used in a variety of ways; I prefer to use mine either as a body wash or to create lots of lovely bubbles. Created with Carrageenan extract, which is gentle and cooling on the skin, Seaweed and Glycerine, alongside Buchu, fresh Carrot infusion, Bergamot and Sicilian Lemon Oils give this wobbly Snowman a refreshing citrus burst, a great one for helping to lift your mood on a cold winters night. Igloo Soap is wonderfully bright and comes presented in store as a huge colourful igloo, with reds, greens, yellows and oranges. It has a delicate scent of Rose and Sicilian Lemon Oils, alongside fresh Lemon Juice and Carrageenan Extract. It's softening, cleansing and subtle, so a great one for all the family to use.

Lush Northern Lights Gift Set ReviewLush Northern Lights Gift Set Review
Lush Northern Lights Gift Set (£14.95) showcases products that are sure to give you an amazing display, with three stunning bath bombs. There’s Intergalactic Bath Bomb (check out my Intergalactic review here), Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb and Northern Lights Bath Bomb (read my Northern Lights Bath Bomb review here).

Intergalactic is a vivid display of colours, almost like a unicorn and a galaxy mixed in one. With an invigorating scent of Peppermint Oil alongside uplifting Grapefruit Oil, restorative Vetivert Oil and balancing Cedarwood Oil, this one is perfect for a cold wintery night. Northern Lights was originally released as part of the 2014 Lush Halloween Collection (have you read my Lush 2016 Halloween Collection review yet?) and has had a little makeover since then. Vivid blue, yellow, purple and green, it’s like a firework display with your bath. There’s a subtle scent to this one with Ylang Ylang Oil and Jasmine Absolute; a fun one to use with little ones! Shoot for the Stars is a new one to me, creating a golden glittery display in beautiful blue waters. Inside is Honey, Brazilian Orange, Bergamot Oil and softening Coconut Cream and Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter.

Lush Garden Party Gift Set Review

Lush Garden Party Gift Set (£18.95) is wrapped in the loveliest ornate paper, gorgeous autumnal colours and florals set against a deep purple. It’s a gift set featuring sweet scents that’ll leave your skin feeling soft as silk, with four products to help you relax and pamper.

Respect Your Elders Soap, which is one of my favourites to use due to its delicious subtle fruity scent. It features Elderflower, Elderberries and toning Olibanum Oil, with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic Bucho Oil and Cypress Oil to add a calming touch. Everyone loves Snow Fairy, undoubtedly one of the most popular products from Lush every year, a shower gel that has a super sweet scent that makes me think of sweets whenever I use it. A coveted in-shower moisturiser, there’s also Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (full Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner review here), by far one of my favourite scents from Lush. It’s an alternative way to moisturise, whilst you’re still in the shower, using Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa, Shea and Cupuacu Butters, all of which will deeply hydrate and leave your skin feeling soft and plump, not forgetting Rose Absolute which gives this product it’s beautiful rose scent. Finally, you’ll find Sleepy Body Lotion, a product that helps to promote peaceful sleep with an Oatmeal infusion, calming Lavender Flower and comforting Tonka Absolute, alongside Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and Lavender Water. Any product that promises to help me sleep is a winner and I can’t wait to try this one out for myself.

Lush 12 Days of Christmas Gift Set Review
Lush 12 Days of Christmas Gift Set Review

12 Days of Christmas (£52.95) is a real showstopper of a gift and one that would make a lovely treat for yourself in the run-up to Christmas, as well as a loved one on the day itself. Featuring 12 amazing Lush products, this is set to keep you in Lush goodness for quite a while if you spread the products out, or, as the name suggests, 12 incredibly pampering days of Lush fun!

Inside there are 5 bath bombs, 1 shower gel, 2 bubble bars, 2 soaps, 1 bath melt and 1 body lotion, with a lovely mix of sweet, warming, fresh, fruity and spicy scents; a pick n’ mix of some of the best Lush products on offer.

The bath bombs included in 12 Days of Christmas are Butterbear (check out my Butterbear Bath Bomb review), a favourite of mine which is a seasonal twist on Butterball Bath Bomb, a great one for those who love moisturising products with very subtle scents. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (here’s my Golden Wonder Bath Bomb review) is always a popular Christmas treat, a shimmering gold on the outside and full of glorious colour on the inside which creates a colourful display, rather than the golden display you'd expect from the outside of this one, with a huge dash of shimmering gold glitter. Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb is a new one this year and featured as part of the 2016 Halloween Collection (did you catch my Lush Halloween Collection review back in October?). It's very decent in size and has a lovely uplifting scent of Neroli Oil, Sandalwood Oil and Bergamot Oil. Satsuma Bath Bomb is another one this year and is a lovely citrus themed bath bomb with fresh Satsuma juice, Mandarin Oil, uplifting Orange Flower Absolute and Bergamot Oil. Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb is yet another new one for 2016 and possibly one of the most popular bath bombs looks-wise this year, as everyone seems smitten! A brilliantly bright blue ball with golden stars, it has a lovely Honey scent alongside Brazilian Orange and Bergamot; one that will definitely give you a magical display!

Covering bubble bars are The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar (you can check out my full review of The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar) and Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (I've also shared a full review of Candy Mountain Bubble Bar). Bubble Bars are one of my favourite products from Lush because you can get a good 3-4 uses out of the standard sized ones, even more out of the bigger ones. The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now, as it's just so adorable to look at! It utilises Sicilian Lemon and Mandarin Oils with sweet Bergamot for a soft citrus scent and of course, creates lots of lovely bubbles! Candy Mountain Bubble Bar is Willow's favourite and one I have to stockpile this Christmas as she has enjoyed using all the ones I bought last year already! A pink and white swirl with a deliciously sweet scent of Vanilla Absolute, this one gives lots of bubbles and turns your bathwater a lovely pale pink!

The Bath Melt included inside just so happens to be one of my favourites from last year, and that's the Snow Angel Bath Melt. A gorgeously presented angel with a gold and white theme, this one slowly fizzes away almost like a bath bomb, leaving you a yellow and golden shimmering bathwater and white frothy top. It has a big dose of Fair Trade Cocoa Butter which works to moisturise skin, with a delicate and subtle Marzipan scent (I'm not a fan of Marzipan but the scent is so subtle, I actually really love it!) with a good helping of Rose, Benzoin and Cassie Absolute.

The Shower Gel included in 12 Days of Christmas is Bubbly Shower Gel which looks like sunshine in a bottle. A refreshing fruity scent, it uses Sweet Wild Orange Oil and uplifting Lime Oil to cleanse your skin whilst giving off a lovely scent that will stick with you throughout the day.

There's two huge soaps included inside this gift set; Snowcastle Soap and Santa's Postbox. Snowcastle Soap is the most humble looking of the two, a big creamy white chunk of cleansing and moisturising goodness, with Almond infusion, Rose Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has a very subtle Marzipan scent and is gentle enough for the whole family. Beautifully vivid in colour, Santa's Postbox is much bolder and if you get the chance to spot this one in store, it really is a wonder to look at! Another lovely moisturising one, it utilises softening Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with Orange Flower Absolute and Sicilian Mandarin Oil, for a soft citrus scent with a sweet twist.

Last but not least and the final product included inside 12 Days of Christmas is one of the most popular products of the year and limited to the Christmas collection; Sleepy Body Lotion. I actually tried this in-store over the weekend when we were in London (the Oxford Street store is amazing!), and I was so smitten I bought myself a huge tub, whilst Willow will have the smaller tub which features inside this gift set. With a beautiful mix of calming Lavender Oil, Oatmeal Infusion, softening and conditioning Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and sweet Tonka Absolute, it is quite possibly one of the nicest body lotions Lush have ever created. I hope this becomes a permanent product very, very soon!

I'm super chuffed with the gift sets on offer from Lush this year, they would make absolutely wonderful gifts for friends and family and are sure to bring a smile to any Lush fan this Christmas. You can shop the full collection online at as well as in-store; and don't forget to save some of that Christmas money for the famous Boxing Day sale, too!

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