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14 Nov 2016

Erin Condren Permanent Luxe Platinum Life Planner Review
Towards the end of 2015, I was swept in the excited buzz that surrounds the online planning community, particularly those who use the Erin Condren Life Planners. On Boxing Day I took advantage of the sales and ordered my very first Erin Condren Life Planner and shared my thoughts back in January in my Erin Condren Life Planner First Impressions post. Since then I have become obsessed with my Life Planner, using it daily, so much so that I had to order another one ready for 2017!

This is actually the first of two planners I plan to use in 2017, with my eye on another Erin Condren Life Planner for family, home and life planning, whilst this planner will be used for blog planning and admin. If planners are your thang then keep reading, as I'll be sharing my thoughts on the brand new Permanent Luxe Platinum Life Planner as well as a whole host of accessories I picked up with my order. You can even grab yourself $10 off your first Erin Condren order, with my personal referral code!

Erin Condren Permanent Luxe Platinum Life Planner Review
Erin Condren Accessories Haul Review
Erin Condren Permanent Luxe Platinum Life Planner Review

OK so before I delve into what I ordered, I want to go over cost and shipping, as if you read my first impressions post, you'll know that I didn't have the best experience with my first order. Taking into account that I made my first Erin Condren order on Boxing Day and managed to order with a good sale discount, I managed to order everything I wanted for a very decent price. That said, shipping costs $19.95 if you go for the longer delivery option and this doesn't cover any custom fees you might receive. Erin Condren make it explicity clear on their website that they do not cover custom charges and it is down to each customer to check the policy in their own Country. 

That's all well and good, but when it came to my own order I didn't receive any written notification to say I would receive a customs charge (which is generally sent by delivery/courier company via email) and had also been assured by many bloggers who had ordered from Erin Condren, spending much more than I had and not receiving a customs charge, that it was highly unlikely I would get one. I was pretty happy that I wouldn't receive one, after all, if my order was smaller and less in cost than others who hadn't received one, why would I?

Unfortunately, I did get hit with a customs charge, with UPS requesting £20 on delivery. As someone who doesn't carry cash around I had a stressful time trying to pay via phone, on a premium number, whilst the UPS guy at my door waited, unable to hand me my package until I had paid. I wouldn't have batted an eyelid at the customs charge had I known to expect it, I would have had time to get the cash ready. Of course, this is as the Erin Condren website states, completely down to each individual order and Country, but it would be nice if they could consider working on making their orders customs charge free like Sephora does for UK orders.

That said, with this order, I didn't receive a customs charge - and it was a more expensive order, too! It goes to show that customs charges really are random and you are better to be prepared, taking into account the additional cost you might incur, when you make your order. My first order came to $69.25 (including $19.95 shipping and a 15% discount on the order) and received a £20 customs charge from UPS, whilst my second order came to $93.97 (also including $19.95 shipping and a 15% discount on the order), and I didn't receive a customs charge, also delivered by UPS. Go figure!

It's just something worth bearing in mind when you order.

Erin Condren Accessories Haul ReviewErin Condren Accessories Haul Review
Erin Condren Compliment Cards ReviewErin Condren Accessories Haul Review

Now, onto my order and what the products I decided to use to help keep me organised in 2017. Picking my planner was super easy this time, having had my eye on the new Permanent Luxe Life Planner range ever since it launched in the summer. There are three colour options available; a teal blue, a deep purple and platinum, the shade I went for which is a gorgeous taupe grey. Each bears three lines in the same font and text, which reads 'create, motivate, inspire*'. Unlike the other Life Planners on offer, these are 'permanent', meaning their covers aren't interchangeable like my current planner. I adore my current Life Planner, but I love this more professional and chic looking planner as a great alternative. The planner itself costs $65, which is a little more than the original non-permanent range.

I decided to stick with the vertical planner layout that I have found so easy to use and navigate with my 2016 planner, also opting for the neutral colour scheme which I think is just a bit more grown up and more my taste from the super colourful layout of my current journal. Inside there are different ways to plan and organise with monthly spreads, weekly spreads and note pages as well as stickers and a snap in bookmark all as standard with the Life Planner range. The cover is faux-leather with a permanently coiled cover, so no switching up the look of your planner throughout the year. 

Alongside my planner I ordered some Erin Condren accessories. After my first order, I wished I had tried a few more products as it's quite a lot to dish out at a time to pay for International shipping. This time I wanted to take advantage of the fact I was ordering and pick up some accessories. 

I picked the Metallic Trio Pen Holder ($6) set which features three pen holders that stick into your planner, in silver, gold and rose gold. I also picked up the matching Metallic Elastic Band Trio ($8) set to keep my planner neat and tidy when not in use; with my 2016 planner I used a lot of stickers throughout my planner which gave it a bit of bulk, so I'm hoping if I use stickers again for my 2017 planner that these will help keep everything together and the planner overall in good shape. 

I wanted to try out the StylizedSticky Corner Pockets ($5) which come in a set of 20 and are available in two colours; pink and turquoise. I went for turquoise because I think it works better overall with the taupe grey of my planner. These will be handy for keeping little notes and appointment cards on the relevant pages of my planner, hopefully keeping things in place! Last but not least, the final item I ordered was a set of Compliment Cards ($5), for which I picked the 'edition 1' set. This is a set of 10 cards with compliments that you can give to friends, family or even complete strangers in the street! Spreading a bit of positivity and an easy way to carry out random acts of kindness.

As well as the accessories I ordered, Erin Condren included some extras in with my order, which they also did with my first order too. This time they included a Plan for it Pouch ($5), which inside also featured 3 compliment cards, a sample sticker book, a snap in bookmark, some larger stickers and some discount codes to use with my next order.

I am really, really happy with my order. Not only am I chuffed with the pieces I picked up, but the added extras are fab and all products I will put to good use too. I can't wait for 2017 so I can start putting my planner into action and I hope to order my second 2017 planner soon (keeping an eye out for those Black Friday sales!) to order a second planner just for home, family and life planning. There's also a couple more accessories and home products I want to pick up with my next order too!

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