Cosatto Noodle Supa Chopsticks Highchair Review

7 Nov 2016

Cosatto Noodle Supa Chopsticks Highchair Review
When it comes to the big baby-buys, like car seats, pushchairs and highchairs, I really believe you should go with a brand that you trust and whose products you feel are safe for your baby, that will protect your baby when in use. Our babies safety is the most important thing to us and so when choosing which highchair to get for Willow, I knew Cosatto was the brand for us. 

Our travel system, purchased excitedly before my 20 week scan, is a Cosatto Giggle 2 and still a fantastic investment that we are so happy we made. Cosatto has become our go-to brand for those essential baby-buys and the Cosatto Noodle Supa Highchair is just as brilliant and versatile as we hoped, ticking all of our boxes for the perfect highchair as we start our weaning journey.

Although there are budget highchairs available, I wanted something which ticked our boxes when it came to what we wanted in a highchair. We wanted something sturdy and versatile, that could be adjusted and folded away neatly to save space. Something which would be comfortable for Willow to sit in, that was bright and colourful and a space that she would enjoy sitting in for her meals. Something which would be easy to clean and keep hygienic, even with the mess that comes with weaning. 

We never sat Willow in a highchair until the day she hit 6 months and we began Baby Led Weaning (did you read about why we chose Baby Led Weaning?) and so when we did, it was quite an exciting morning setting her up ready and raring to go with her very first taste of 'real' food; avocado, scrambled egg and toast. Popping her in the highchair was very quick and easy; the Noodle Supa Highchair comes with a safety harness strap much like those you'll find in a pram, which keeps Willow secure and safe even if she decides to have a little wiggle in her highchair. 

Cosatto Noodle Supa Chopsticks Highchair Review
Cosatto Noodle Supa Chopsticks Highchair Review

The strap can be adjusted as Willow grows, which we have moved up now she is 9 months old, to ensure she is comfortable and safely strapped in. They are also very easy to remove and wash, whether hand washing or in the washing machine, which I make sure to do once weekly to keep any grubbiness away. 

The chair itself has 6 different heights so not only can it be adjusted to suit the height of your dining table, but adjusted to fit your baby's size too. We're almost ready to lower the chair so that Willow can sit at the table with us without her tray for some meals, which will be easy to do by just scouting the highchair closer to the table, on a lower height so that she fits in nicely. 

It's incredibly sturdy and opens up into a 'free-standing' folded position, whilst also folding away nicely to be put away when not in use, although we keep ours open and ready at the table for each meal. The tray, which comes with a removable top section which makes cleaning up a breeze, also fits in snugly to the back of the highchair when folded away or when you want to use the highchair without the tray, which is really handy as everything stays in one place. The seat itself can also be adjusted into different positions, although we keep ours upright as that's most comfortable for Willow, especially when using the reclining calf-support.

One feature I absolutely adore with our Noodle Supa is the ability to completely remove the seat cover, which is super soft and comfortable for Willow to sit on, and give it a good old clean. We clean the chair and tray after each use with Dettol disinfectant wipes and sprays, but at the end of each day I like to do a proper scrub-clean and once a week like the straps, everything that can come off is whipped away for a proper clean. 

Of course one of the biggest features is the bright, colourful and fun design. Cosatto are famous for their imaginative and quirky designs, the reason they caught my eye in the first place over a year ago when we were on the hunt for the perfect travel system, and they have so many gorgeous designs to choose from. Every single design is gender neutral and can easily be used for both boys and girls; we opted for the Chopsticks one as I love that it has a food theme and just how colourful and bright it is! Willow seems to love it, so it's all good fun!

When Willow is in her highchair I know that she is safe and that really is the biggest selling point of the Cosatto Noodle Supa Highchair. It's well made, easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to clean. It takes the stress out of weaning and best of all, is a product which will last; like our Snuzpod, when Willow outgrows her highchair or her travel system, they'll go into the attic for next time. An investment, but one worth making. Oh, and let's not forget the 4 year guarantee!

You can find the Cosatto Noodle Supa Highchair, available in a lovely variety of designs, at (from £88), John Lewis (£110), Babies R Us (from £99.99), Mothercare (£110), Argos (from £109.99) and (£110).

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