Clarins Skin Boosters Review

6 Nov 2016

Clarins Skin Boosters Review

Clarins has been one of my favourite skincare brands for as long as I can remember now and I have always loved the ever-evolving skincare range, with products that actually show a real benefit to my skin. The Instant Eye Makeup Remover is the ultimate eye makeup remover, never failing to remove every last trace of makeup. The Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is my favourite toning lotion ever, incredibly effective yet very gentle on the skin, and the UV Plus Anti Pollution SPF is probably the best SPF I have ever used. That's just the skincare - we all know I'm a big fan of Clarins makeup too.

For me, the Boosters range takes Clarins skincare to a whole new level. Treatments that you can team with other products to boost their benefit to your skin, whilst also working extra hard to really give your skin a boost. With Boosters to cover various skin concerns - as well as a Booster specifically created to create a natural looking glow to your skin (review on that one coming soon!)-, these brightly coloured little bottles are fantastic for anyone looking to up their skincare routine and help boost their skin health.

Clarins Energy Booster (£30 per 15ml) can be combined with your everyday facial moisturiser or for a treatment, in with your favourite face mask. You simply add 3-5 drops of the Booster to your choosen product, blend together and apply as usual. The star ingredient for the Energy Booster is Ginseng, a favourite ingredient of mine which works to stimulate skin, and often features in products as a youth preserving ingredient, great for the Energy Booster which has been created to target damaged skin. Described as the perfect treatment for anyone with a busy lifestyle, the idea here is that adding a few drops to your moisturiser or face mask will help you achieve more toned, energised and radiant skin, reducing the look of tiredness and boosting lack-lustre skin. You can use as often or as little as you like; a once weekly boost, an everyday addition or even that one off daily use, it all depends how much your skin needs a little Energy boost.

For me, I have found that as a first time mum, even with a baby that sleeps very well, I always look exhausted and in need of a good sleep. Energy Booster is great for those days where I need to show my face to the world, giving my complexion a little boost whilst working hard to treat my skin and give it a little boost. As with any skincare product, long term use will see more beneficial results and I have now come to using the Energy Booster almost daily. Plus, I love the orange for this booster, it's like a ray of sunshine with each morning use.

Clarins Detox Booster (£30 per 15ml), a green booster, is a booster I see working for so many different lifestyles, as it helps to target damaged skin from the effects of a hectic lifestyle. Best for targeting skin affected by late nights and pollution, so great for city dwellers, and one I personally love for when I'm being a bit slack on my skincare routine and using the minimum amount of products to keep my skin healthy and happy.

Green Coffee is the star ingredient for the Detox Booster, a new ingredient for me although coffee has been featuring a lot in skincare products over recent years. Green Coffee extract is a highly stimulating ingredient and works alongside other ingredients in the booster to detoxify, add radiance and plumpness to your skin. As with all the boosters, simply add 3-5 drops to your facial moisturiser or mask and use as often as you need it.

Still within the skincare boosters but one I am yet to try - the Clarins Repair Booster (£30 per 15ml) is targeted at those who suffer the effects of exposure to extreme climates, chlorinated water or sunburn. The key ingredient is Mimosa Tenuiflora, which helps to heal skin and is known for it's ability to restore and repair a damaged epidermis. If you have blemish or acne prone skin, this may be one to try to aid healing.

Are the Clarins Skin Boosters a product you think you could add into your skincare routine?

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