Lush Halloween Collection Favourites

16 Oct 2016

Lush Halloween Collection Review

When the summer has given us our last hot day and autumn is starting to creep in, there's one brand who is on everyone's mind when it comes to autumn/winter beauty releases. The Lush Halloween and Christmas collection is always filled with intoxicating scents and eye-catching designs, great for those cold autumn nights when all you want at the end of a long day is a hot bubble bath. 

The Halloween Collection is more modest than the Christmas Collection, featuring 16 limited edition products and fun for all ages, the collection features your traditional Halloween themes; pumpkins, ghosts, autumn leaves, monsters and magic. Here are my favourite products from the 2016 collection, including some exciting new products as well as a few favourites which have come back for another year.
Lush Monsters Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb Review

A regular from previous collections and a product which always sells out is the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, which is a lovely speckled green with a crown top. It smells comforting; a warming blend of Patchouli and Black Pepper Oil with a touch of delicious Vanilla Absolute. As your Lord of Misrule fizzles away in your bath, it releases a very pretty pale pink and purple display, with the added touch of magic with the crackle of popping candy added in. At £3.95 a bath bomb, it's one worth stocking up on if you love the earthy scent.

For those of you who really do love Lord of Misrule, or like the scent but prefer to invest in longer-lasting products from Lush, then the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream is a fab alternative. It's available in 3 sizes; 100g for £4.95, 250g for £9.95, £16.50 for 500g or £27.95 for a humongous 1KG of shower cream. Having that same lovely scent of the bath bomb, there's also Organic Wheatgerm Oil which gives the shower cream that delicious lather, it leaves a lovely subtle scent after use and I am quite a fan of the deep mossy green colour!

A couple of fun ones which would make great alternative Halloween gifts for little ones, instead of the usual sweet treats, include Pumpkin Bath Bomb and Monsters Ball Bath Bomb. Pumpkin gives of this lovely yellow orange glow in great big fizzes and is the perfect one for a Halloween Night soak. It has a gorgeous scent too, featuring a refreshing mix of citrus notes with a touch of Vanilla Absolute and spicy Cinnamon. Pumpkin is priced at £3.95 each.

Lush Monsters Pumpkin Bath Bomb Review
Lush Monsters Lord of Misrule Shower Cream Review
Lush Monsters Ball Bath Bomb Review

Monsters Ball Bath Bomb gives off a more exciting display for me, one which Willow squealed with delight to see. Presented as a round purple monster with a giant googly eye, it gives off a stunning blue, pink and purple display that bubbles away as it fills your bath with colour. Scent wise, I'm smitten. Featuring fragrant Neroli Oils with a splash of lime to add that extra something-something. Even better? This one adds a touch of moisturising Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter to keep skin soft. At £4.25 it's that little bit pricier than most bath bombs on offer at Lush, but definitely one that's a welcome addition to our bath time routine, I think I'll have to stock up before they disappear.

If you love to unwind with a Lush product that will give more benefit to your skin than a colourful display in your bath, then Boo Bath Melt is a great alternative to the bath bombs on offer this year. Whipped up to look like a ghost, it contains Ginger, Mimosa, Sicilian Mandarin Oil and Sandalwood, with a generous helping of Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter. It has a subtle scent, not as obvious as other products in the Halloween collection and one that will certainly leave you feeling pampered. I find the bath melts on offer at Lush are a great way to add in an extra moisturising step to keep the dry skin at bay over the autumn and winter. At £3.50 each, I can get two or three uses out of mine by cutting it up before use. It's also a good idea to keep them in your fridge, to make sure they don't melt before you get the chance to use them.

Last but not least and one which I think looks so lovely for the autumnal theme, Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb. Slightly cheaper than the others and costing just £3.75, it's a palm size delight for an uplifting bath. Teaming Neroli Oil, Sandalwood Oil and Bergamot Oil, it smells incredible and turns your bath water into an show of autumn colours. A slow fizzer, Willow loved watching this one go and taking in each colour. 

You can catch the Halloween Collection online at, as well as your nearest Lush store. Make sure to pick up your favourites before they sell out, and have a spook-tastic Halloween!

P.s. The white pine bath rack is a bargain at just £9.99 from Dunelm!

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