Planning a Family Holiday

9 Oct 2016

Planning a Family Holiday to Mauritius
The last time I went on holiday was 2005. I had just turned 17 and my dad and I spent a month in Cyprus; the country where my family are from. Lots of sight-seeing, lots of relaxing and most importantly, lots of time with family who live over there.

In the 11 years since I have definitely daydreamed over summer holidays in faraway places, but one thing or another has always got in the way. Now that we have Willow, we have started to plan a holiday for next year, somewhere we can visit as a family. We want to show Willow as much of the world as possible and family holidays abroad will be the perfect opportunity to introduce her to other cultures, explore beautiful places and of course, make special memories together as a family.
Planning a family holiday to Mauritius

We want to go somewhere that has lovely beaches, so I can finally see Willow’s reaction to sand and the ocean, somewhere that we can explore with the chance to go for days out and fun places we can visit together as a family. Somewhere with lots of lovely nature spots and animals to see would be incredible, so that we can make it a little educational for Willow. One destination which ticks all of those boxes, is Mauritius. 

Mauritius isn't the typical destination you'd think of when it comes to family holidays, yet it has so much to offer for all the family that it is definitely one to consider if you're thinking of your next family holiday. Situated in the Indian Ocean off the Southeast coast of Africa, Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island surrounded by the most perfect white sandy beaches and beautiful deep turquoise waters, a dreamy destination that will leave you feeling like you're in paradise! 

A culturally diverse destination, the island is French speaking and the climate is perfect for a holiday getaway all year round, with temperatures of 22'C in winter, 26'C in spring, 19'C in autumn and 34'C throughout summer.

If your holiday checklist is like ours, you'll be happy to know Mauritius easily ticks all the boxes. The beaches are dreamy and have the most perfect white sandy beaches with tranquil turquoise waters which offer boat trips, snorkelling and of course, being able to swim in beautifully clear waters. Take an early morning trip and you'll even be able to spot dolphins, a sight that will be sure to thrill all the family!

If exploring is more your thing then the island has a ton of exotic wildlife to offer, exploring the land on foot whilst getting the chance to feed giraffes or walk with lions, spotting 100 year old tortoises or even taking a trip to the Chazal Nature Resort which offers visitors the chance to check out the island and rainforests from up above on zip lines. 

There's so much to do for all of the family, making Mauritius a must-visit destination to add to your to-visit list. We've popped it down on our list of places we could go for a family holiday, a destination that would be great for families of all sizes and ages. Will you be heading to on a family holiday to Mauritius?

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