Caudalie Face Masks Review

12 Oct 2016

Caudalie Face Masks Review

I've always been a sucker for a good face mask and having used every last drop of four Caudalie offerings, it's safe to say I've been left pretty smitten with these targeted face masks. There's four on offer, each specifically formulated to deal with specific skin concerns, and each an absolute joy to use. If you're on the hunt for a mask which pampers and treats all in one, Caudalie may just be the brand you're looking for.

Since having Willow my skincare routine, which was once quite strict and full of at least half a dozen products, has been very slack and so my skin has suffered. Over the past few months I've made a real effort to get my skincare routine back where it was, and face masks and at-home treatments are my favourite way to give my skin a boost.

The Caudalie Instant Detox Face Mask costs £20.90 for a 75ml tube and is a great all-rounder mask that comes in the form of a 99% natural gel-cream hybrid. Working to eliminate toxins and impurities from your skin and suitable for all skin types, it utilises a blend of 8 essential oils alongside Grape Marc, antioxidant polyphenols and draining active ingredients mixed in with a generous helping of Pink Clay and Coffee. Together, these ingredients absorb toxins in the skin, clear pores, leave skin smoother and softer to the touch all whilst Papaya Enzymes work to brighten and give skin a more glowing, healthy look.

It's recommended you apply this one twice weekly and it's the only mask in the range that I have applied as often as directed; I particularly like popping this one on in the morning, especially before a long makeup free day. Available at

I've been turning to the Caudalie Purifying Face Mask (not pictured - sorry!) once a week, great for anyone who suffers with oily or combination skin like me, to help pick it back up and give my skin a little at-home treatment.

Working to deeply cleanse skin and regulate sebum production, it's a lovely non-drying mask which is gentle enough for use even when you have pesky blemishes. The formula, which is paraben, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil and artificial colourings free, uses a clay base to soothe, control and cleanse skin. There's some lovely ingredients such as Camomile, Cypress and Lavender, which have the added benefits of astringent properties, whilst helping to keep blemishes at bay are Sage and Zinc and all natural non-comedogenic Linseed helps to clear pores.

It's recommended to use twice weekly but alongside other masks and treatments, I've found once a week is enough for my skin. Although targeted face mask application, where you apply certain masks to specific areas of your face, is quite popular right now, I prefer to apply the Purifying Face Mask all over and leaving on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with a warm muslin cloth and following up with my skincare routine. A 75ml tube will cost you £22, which has lasted me 3-4 months using once weekly. I'm now on my second tube, so you can tell I'm a fan! Available at

For those dehydrated moments when my skin is thirsty and needs a top up, I've found the Caudalie Moisturising Cream Mask has been fantastic for hydrating and moisturising. Another one free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial colourings and mineral oil, it utilises Grape Oil, antioxidant Grape polyphenols and Vinolevure to treat dry and very dry skin. These ingredients work together to provide comfort to dry skin, reduce puffiness and dehydration and can even be used after sun exposure to soothe skin.

As far as moisturising face masks go, it's not as great as the overnight options I have tried however for a 15 minute mask it really does do a lot to perk my skin up, making my skin feel softer and more plump to the touch. It also works wonders to make me feel more refreshed after a long day, so a great one for using before bed. Apply as normal, leave on for 15 minutes and remove with a warm muslin cloth. Again, a 75ml tube costs £22 and it's recommend you use twice weekly, but I've been using this every other weekend as a lovely pampering treat. Available at

Last but not least, and my favourite type of face mask no less, the Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask. Peel is one of those words which seems to scare a lot of people when it comes to skincare, alongside products which feature acids, but it's important to remember that masks of this nature sold on the high-street will never be as strong as chemical peels and acids you would encounter when seeing a dermatologist or facialist. Masks you can buy to apply at home are very minimal in comparison and work as a lovely pick-me-up for skin; if you're worried, simply do a little patch test before use and if you have severely sensitive skin, seek advice from a professional facialist first.

The Glycolic Peel Mask aims to give skin a lovely radiance boost, revitalising and refreshing dull and lack-lustre skin. Using gentle biological exfoliants and Viniferine; a patented Caudalie active ingredient which is 62 times more effective at brightening skin than Vitamin C, it works to remove dead skin cells, smoothing skin, and working to reduce dark spots and discolouration. As well as it's main use as a facial mask, it can also be applied to the back of your hands and decolletage.

It's advised to use twice weekly but again, I find once a week is enough for my skin. I apply all over, avoiding the delicate skin around my eyes, leaving on for no longer than 10 minutes before gentling rinsing away with warm water. A touch cheaper, this one will cost you £20.90 for a 75ml tube and is available on

Do you like the sound of the Caudalie face mask range? You can shop the full Caudalie range, including skincare and body care, over at Escentual.