Baby Halloween Costumes

6 Oct 2016

October 31st will mark Willow's very first Halloween. I adore Halloween, ever since I was a little girl I have loved the excitement in the run up to the last day of October and I've always enjoyed that buzz you get when the day finally arrives. I've been looking forward to this Halloween even more than previous years, because it's something I am hoping Willow will love as much as me.

With October finally here and Halloween just a few weeks away, I have spent countless hours searching online for baby Halloween costumes. Something I found super frustrating was the sheer lack of options for baby Halloween costumes; whereas kids and adults will have dozens and dozens of costumes to pick from, babies are stuck with just a handful of different designs to dress up in. 

There are a few lovely options out there though and we've ordered Willow's costume, which just so happens to make it into my favourite five. If you're on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume for your little one, hopefully this will save you some time searching! 

Supermarkets have got some great little costumes for babies, all very budget-friendly and available both online and in-store. The Tesco Halloween Costumes includes pumpkin, skeleton and ghost costumes in the form of all-in-one sleep-suits (the same style of clothing most retailers seem to be sticking to for baby costumes) starting from £5. There's ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons, as well as a couple of lovely outfits and accessories if you really wanted to go all out on the Halloween dress-up. I plan on picking up a few different sizes of the skeleton all-in-one, for Willow to wear throughout the next few clothes sizes!

George at Asda have been a little more fun and adventurous with their baby Halloween costumes, including a Frankenstein and a pirate, both of which come with little hats to match the outfit. Again these are super budget-friendly and start from £6 each. Asda always have sleep-suits in characters, like Marvel or Disney, but the Halloween costumes definitely stand out as perfect for all your favourite Halloween activities with the little ones.

The selection I have fallen in love with the most is the selection of Halloween costumes at Mothercare. Being a more mid-high end brand, the prices aren't as cheap as the supermarket alternatives costing £10 an outfit, but that little bit extra in price does mean there's a little bit more to each costume than a simple all-in-one. My favourites are the glow in the dark skeleton costume, and the costume we have ordered for Willow; the baby witch Halloween costume, which is a spook-tastic combo of purple and black with a little black tutu as the perfect finishing touch. I love my Halloween gore and scary movies, so a cute little fairy costume or dressing Willow up as a Princess wasn't quite the look I was going for. With Willow being named after a witch herself, we really loved the idea of being able to dress her up as a little witch!

Do you love Halloween as much as we do?