9 Months Later

26 Oct 2016

Baby Update
Today marks Willow's 9 month 'birthday'. Another month has passed, another month of changes, developments and accomplishments. Racing to her 1st birthday with just 3 months to go, it feels like the past 9 months have sped by. 

Today we headed back to my old village this morning, I had a dentist appointment and Willow came along for her very first dentist appointment too. Willow's first teeth started coming through at 5 months and she now has 6, which I never expected before she reached 9 months. Teething over the past few weeks with the 5th and 6th teeth have been really difficult for her, but the dentist said everything looks as it should, tooth number 6 is being a bit of a pain and popping up and down but apparently that's normal and she even got a sticker for her troubles. She didn't seem to be the biggest fan of having a mirror poked around her mouth, and she definitely didn't enjoy me having my check up (we had some tears as she didn't like the sound of the cleaning tools!), but hopefully with regular visits and checkups, she'll soon get used to visiting the dentist.

Willow has decided she still doesn't want to crawl, which most of her friends are doing by now, but that's OK. Every baby is different and does things at different times, and it wouldn't surprise me if she didn't crawl at all. My nephew was a roller who went straight to walking and totally skipped crawling. Willow seems to be a bum shuffler, who semi-crawls or spins on the spot to move herself around. She can get from one end of the room to the other and in every nook and cranny without any worries, she's also super confident standing up and walking with our help, so I'm not worried about her deciding she's too cool to crawl (or lazy, it's most definitely laziness!). 

We find it much easier to understand Willow now when she 'talks' to us and a few words are, although not absolutely perfectly spoken (obviously, she's only 9 months old!), much easier to understand. She still says mama and dada, but she now also says dad, daddy, yes, hi - or 'iyyyaaa', bye and 'dout', which she says whenever we get the car seat ready to go out for the day, which makes me laugh every time as she's obviously picked it up from me saying 'Time to go out now!'. 

Baby Led Weaning, which I still need to do some update posts on (I promise they're coming soon!), is still going amazingly well. Whereas when we started it was more about tasting, smelling, touching and a little bit of playing, then we moved onto all of that plus a little bit of actually eating the food, Willow now eats pretty much everything at meal times. She's become particularly brilliant at eating meals on a spoon, like Shepherd's Pie, Lamb Biryani or mash and rice dishes. With finger foods we do of course still let her eat them as they are, but as soon as she is at the recommended age for forks and knives, I'm sure she'll get the hang of those too! 

We had Willow weighed last week and in the space of a month she put on 8oz. Her weight has slowed down, although she is still gaining, but from what I've been told and researched myself, that's normal at this age as they start to get closer to 1. She still fits into her 6-9 clothes, but I've also been moving her into her warmer autumn wardrobe which is 9-12. 

It's hard to believe my little baby is now 9 months old. In two weeks time exactly, she will have been 'outside' as long as she was inside of my tummy, and that feels like just yesterday. Sometimes I worry that when she's older, I'll forget her baby days, but these monthly updates are such a lovely way to remember our first year together. 

Happy 9 months Gizmo.