Plastic Free with Lush Shampoo Bars

20 Sept 2016

Lush Shampoo Bars Review
It's been a while since I was loyal to any particular hair products, but in-between trialling new products for review, there's one brand that keeps me coming back for more. There are some beauty products which when formulated as a solid product, don't really hit the spot. One type of solid product I can't get enough off is the impressive range of Lush Shampoo Bars. I am completely converted; you need to add these to your must-try list.
Lush Shampoo Bars Review

I've been trying out different shampoo bars from Lush for a few months now, running out of liquid shampoo not long after Willow was born and remembering I had a stash hidden away to try. Into the bathroom went Honey I Washed My Hair and after just one use, I was absolutely smitten. It became our product of choice for cleansing and pampering our hair, for both my partner and I, and ever since then Lush shampoo bars have been a constant in our routine.

Lush have a lot of products which are packaging free and those which do come with packaging are done so in ways which are best for the environment as possible. Bottles and tubs are recycled and can be taken back into store to be reused, any paper materials are recycled and can be popped in your recycling bin at home and even the Lush scarfs, great as an alternative gift wrap, have been made from recycled Lush bottles. Lush are often hailed as one of the most popular cruelty free brands; but their ethical and responsible work towards looking after this planet go a long way too.

Each shampoo bar gives you the same amount of product use as three 250ml Lush bottles. So instead of using three bottles of liquid shampoo from Lush, you can save on the plastic and instead invest in a shampoo bar (which also works out far more cost effective over time), and get the benefits of three bottles in one bar. Just imagine if 1,000 people switched from using three bottles to one shampoo bar; that saves the unnecessary use of 3,000 plastic bottles!

There is a huge range on offer, which also extends into a solid conditioner bar range, covering 18 different options; 12 solid shampoo bars, 5 solid shampoos and 1 solid co-wash. As well as options which cover all hair types, there's products available which are more targeted towards your specific needs such as hair type, colour, styling needs. I like to store my shampoo bar in one of the Lush round tins, which I find easier for keeping it hygienic and mess-free in the bathroom. To use I simply massage in my hands like you would a hand soap, getting a little lather going, before applying to my hair and shampooing as normal.

When I use Lush shampoo bars I find my hair is quicker and easier to cleanse, left feeling much cleaner overall whilst still being soft and easy to work with when styling, my hair feels lighter and healthier and even smells amazing between washes. They last absolutely forever - one solid shampoo bar lasts me at least two and a half months, which is longer than any liquid shampoo bottle lasts me! They're different, fun and most importantly, a more environmentally friendly product. What more could you want?

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