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3 Sep 2016

Swarovski Elements Changing Bag Review

Since having Willow my many handbags have been left neglected in the back of the wardrobe. When out and about it just isn't realistic for me to have more than one bag and I often find all I need for myself is my purse, my phone and my keys, all of which can easily be popped inside a changing bag. 

I do miss having a handbag with me though, and so when I came across the gorgeous collection of luxury changing bags available over at Lucy and Belle, I was instantly drawn in by the gorgeous colour choices and beautiful designs which give you the option of having a changing bag and handbag all in one.
Swarovski Elements Changing Bag Review
Swarovski Elements Changing Bag Review
Swarovski Elements Changing Bag Review

Lucy and Belle is an online baby boutique, founded by a very passionate and hard working mother, Clara. Created in 2014, the name of the boutique is inspired by Clara's very own identical twin daughters; Lucette and Annabelle. Having found baby shopping stressful whilst pregnant, Clara wanted to create a space where expectant mothers could find everything they needed in an easy to navigate space, keeping baby shopping stress-free and simple. 

Rather than catering to the latest trends, Lucy and Belle is a one-stop-shop where you can find simple, classic and beautiful products in a curated collection, covering everything from baby essentials such as changing bags, bibs and nursery sets, to toys and gifts for both new mothers and babies. All of the products featured on Lucy and Belle have been very carefully selected, choosing high quality brands that stand out from your average baby essentials. 

Swarovski Elements Changing Bag Review
Swarovski Elements Changing Bag Review
Swarovski Elements Changing Bag Review
Swarovski Elements Changing Bag Review

The collection of changing bags is incredible, with a variety of brands, styles, colours and needs being covered. As an expectant mama, I did a lot of 'online window shopping' when pregnant with Willow and a lot of the websites I came across always seemed to stock the same brands and styles, most with very busy and distracting designs. Lucy and Belle really stands out in this respect, as the brands on offer are simplistic, elegant and chic. There's no need for patterns when the design speaks for itself, and that is clear to see with our beautiful Swarovski Elements Changing Bag

Available in three colours; grey, blue and pink, each is available both individually or as a package, featuring accessories for your chosen changing bag. Each of these accessories can also be bought individually, if you wanted to tailor a more specific bag to your needs, however I find the package is invaluable in providing everything you would need when out and about. 

With incredibly pretty Swarovski crystal detailing on both the changing bag and accessories, with the lovely Pasito a Pasito bear adding the perfect little touch, it's both stylish and practical. It has the look of a high-end handbag, with the practicability of a changing bag. With an imitation leather exterior it's very easy to wash down with a WaterWipe or damp cloth, but is also washable, which is great for any mucky accidents you might get into! The handbag itself features two large handles, which can be worn over the shoulder or on your arm, with side straps which attach to the pushchair with ease. Inside is a large main compartment, room enough for everything you might need when on-the-go, as well as three open sections for any extras or essentials you want to be able to grab quickly.

The accessories included in the package, which can also be purchased individually, include a mini changing bag, which we use to hold our nappies, wipes and cream, a dummy holder, which keeps Willow's dummies easy to find instead of rummaging around, as well as a bottle bag which for us fits either a bottle and ready-to-drink bottle of milk, or alternatively, two ready-to-drink bottles. 

I opted for pink because the changing bag we already have, although gorgeous, is a very dark grey. I wanted something which was a touch more feminine and gentle and it has been the most perfect summer changing bag. I love being able to compartmentalise everything, making everything super easy to grab when I need it, but what I really love about this changing bag is the design. It keeps it's shape tremendously well and the straps which attach to the pushchair keep it at the perfect height, so it doesn't knock into my legs or move around as we are walking. I have had so many lovely compliments on the design, how similar it looks to a handbag (with some friends even being shocked to find out it was a changing bag!) and the pink is the perfect soft baby pink; not too overwhelming or over the top.

When you become a mother it can be very easy to get lost in this new life, where nappies and muslin cloths and keeping your baby entertained can be all you think about. The Swarovski Elements Changing Bag gives me the chance to still be 'me'; a woman who likes to look good when out and about, who wants to make a positive impression when on-the-go.

The selection over at Lucy and Belle is one which every expectant mother should see. Not just for the incredible array of changing bags on offer, but products for both baby and mother which are truly unique to Lucy and Belle. 

You can check out the full range of stylish changing bags at

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  1. This is a great idea. I love the design. My changing bag is a mess right now. I'm using the one that came with my buggy and I just can't find anything in it right now. It takes us so long to get out the house it's unreal. Think I need to invest in one of these.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. The one that came with our pushchair is so, so small! I couldn't fit more than a changing mat, couple of nappies, wipes and a bottle! xo