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2 Aug 2016

Mindful Chef Healthy Recipe Box Review
Whether you're looking for a complete lifestyle change or just want to spruce up your cooking skills, getting creative in the kitchen with Mindful Chef is a great way to try new ingredients and delicious dishes which are great for all the family. 

Mindful Chef Healthy Recipe Box ReviewMindful Chef Healthy Recipe Box Review

We tried our first box back in June and it was an instant hit, really loving the flavourful recipes and getting to discover new foods which we had never heard of before. For those of you new to recipe boxes, they are a great way to get cooking with all the hassle of shopping and prepping meals taken care of. All you need to do is pick the dishes you want to try and await for your box to arrive, with all the fresh ingredients you'll need to create your tasty meals.

Mindful Chef is constantly growing and in July they opened up a Crowdfunding campaign, to take their healthy recipe box to the next level, reaching well beyond their target in just 12 days, raising over £1 million. It goes to show the passion that the Mindful Chef team and customers alike share for this fresh, exciting recipe box. 

So what makes Mindful Chef different from other recipe boxes? Having tried a few for myself, for me, Mindful Chef stands out for the ingredients and style of recipes. Everything is incredibly healthy and ingredients are all geared towards being good for you inside and out, benefiting both body and mind; something which is perfectly reflected in the brand ethos. Mindful Chef recipes will never include pasta, bread or white rice, with all recipes being 100% gluten-free.

Mindful Chef are also big on quality food from British suppliers. Being based in Devon, the Mindful Chef team know Devon makes the perfect environment for growing vegetables and rearing livestock, with the West Country Coast being the perfect place to source 40 different species of fish. Each meal we have created with Mindful Chef boxes has been with the most delicious ingredients, very high-quality, using organic produce for the majority of ingredients throughout the recipes. 

Our most recent box included three meat based dishes, as well as a vegan recipe; although we are personally a family of carnivores, we do love exploring vegetarian and vegan food and couldn't resist seeing what Mindful Chef had to offer in terms of vegan-friendly food. All of the recipes were really easy to follow, as tasty as they looked on the recipe cards and we were also introduced to a few new ingredients, as well as ways to use old favourites. There's something really lovely about discovering new favourites and Mindful Chef is a fantastic way to do that.

If you're interested in checking out Mindful Chef healthy recipe boxes, then you can use the discount code 'SEEDRS' for 25% off of your first box! 

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