3 August 2016

OK Bouquet Sophia Luxury Bouquet

OK Bouquet Sophia Luxury Bouquet Review

As we settle into our new home, something I absolutely adore is coming down with Willow in the early mornings and instantly being enveloped in a beautiful scent of fresh florals. I've always been someone who loves having fresh flowers in the house and it works wonders to lift my mood when I see a stunning bouquet. Having worked in a village flower shop in my teens, I find it therapeutic trimming stems and arranging bouquets, it's very relaxing and always leaves me feeling content.
OK Bouquet Sophia Luxury Bouquet Review
OK Bouquet Sophia Luxury Bouquet Review

I was recently offered the chance to try OK Bouquet; an online bouquet boutique, powered by a family run business with over 30 years of floristry experience. Founded by Rosario, who started out selling florals at the popular Columbria Road Flower Market in his early teens, OK Bouquet is an extension of three successful flower stalls located in Bishop's Stortford, Hertford and Columbia Road.

Personally, coming from a town which doesn't have anything special to offer when it comes to flowers, I find online bouquet deliveries are the best way for me to get high-quality, beautiful bouquets. OK Bouquet offers a huge range of florals with both standard and premium roses, luxury bouquets and elegant lilies all on offer. 

The range of luxury bouquets features truly stunning arrangements, gorgeous colour themes and the most lovely teaming of florals. One bouquet in particular just so happened to be called 'Sophia' bouquet; so of course I couldn't resist! Available in two sizes; 'large' which comes in at £30 and 'deluxe' which is £40, featuring beautifully soft hues and a lovely mix of Pink Avalanche Roses, Bouvardia Pink, Supernova Thistles, White Eustoma and Eucalyptus. I really love bouquets which are pretty, but have a mix of more wild florals thrown in there, being a countryside girl at heart.

OK Bouquet Sophia Luxury Bouquet Review
OK Bouquet Sophia Luxury Bouquet Review

Arriving last Wednesday, my bouquet is still going strong. All the florals are lasting wonderfully and the bouquet looks like new; it's the longest a bouquet has lasted for me and I think we have a good few days yet. The scent is just absolutely beautiful; soft, slightly sweet, subtle enough to give our home a lovely scent without being overpowering. 

Of course, general care is always wise with fresh flowers. Trimming stems at an angle upon arrival, arranging well into clean, fresh water - with flower 'food' where possible -, ensuring to refill the water when needed and re-trim stems every few days, all simple steps to ensure you get the most out of your bouquet. 

Florals make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for a loved ones birthday, a special occasion or even as a get well soon gesture - but they are also a lovely way to treat yourself and something I like to indulge in a couple of times a year, treating myself to a big beautiful bouquet. After trying out OK Bouquet I can safely say they will be top of my list for the next time I treat myself, what about you?

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