7 Months Gone By

27 Aug 2016

A lot has happened in the past month, with Willow now over half a year old - just -, and forever edging closer to being 1. With a house month in July and settling into a new little routine for all of us, it's been a month of big changes for the whole family, not just Willow. Yesterday (August 26th), Willow turned 7 months, and I can't believe how quickly her first year is flying by.

We've done a whole month of baby-led weaning!
We started BLW at exactly 6 months and since then it has been a fun and very messy journey for us. I also think weaning has really helped us all fall into a full routine, which so far we haven't really had. It's not like we didn't like the idea of routine, but as our lives are fairly flexible it's never been an issue just going with the flow. Over the past month with incorporating breakfast, lunch and dinner, a routine has definitely fallen into place and we even have a set 'bedtime' routine, where Willow will go up to bed at roughly the same time each night.

BLW itself is going amazingly well. As expected with the first weeks of baby-led weaning, not all of the food Willow tries is getting physically eaten, but she's doing a lot of the initial touching, feeling, smelling and tasting that comes along in those first few weeks. She is definitely ingesting her fair amount though, as we have noticed a change in her nappies, which is most certainly the least pleasant aspect of weaning!

Overall though, it's been lots of fun. Willow has so far liked everything we have put in front of her, not turning away a single taste, which is great as she even seems to enjoy one of my favourites, Brussel sprouts! We've had friends come round for dinner and join in too, often people who have never heard of BLW and who have been really interested to get to know more, as well as surprised by how capable Willow is in feeding herself. We've also ventured out and eaten in pubs and restaurants, although that's not as easy and we often have to take snacks, as 'kids' menus have a habit of being all-fried food, which is something we want to avoid giving Willow as I'm a cook-from-fresh kind of woman.

We had our 7 month check with the health visitor.
One thing we have consistently done with Willow since she was born, is have her weighed regularly. Our last weight check was at 5 months and I wasn't overly impressed with the temporary health visitor we had our appointment with, so along with being busy with the house move, we just didn't go at 6 months.

Now we're all settled in our new home, as well as having a new health visiting team because we now live in a different area, I decided we should get her 7 month check underway and took her over to a local Sure Start centre this week.

At a very chunky 20lbs and 12oz, Willow is doing absolutely perfectly. She is the percentile line she was born on which has had a few ups and downs in weight loss and gain since she was born, but has now levelled out to be a perfect curve. The health visitor was also really impressed with her progress, especially how well she is doing with BLW and particularly her hand to mouth coordination, as Willow is a dab hand with a spoon of yoghurt! We already have her 8 month check booked in, so I'm excited to see how much she weighs next time. Although I never want Willow to feel like she needs to monitor her weight when she grows up, I do love being able to see her progress as she gets older - some people hate the 'Red Book', I love it! 

Everything else.
Teeth wise, it's still just the two bottom front teeth however Willow has definitely shown signs of more being on their way and we think her top front two teeth won't be too long before they make their mark. We started brushing her teeth as soon as they started to appear, which she seems to find fun so far. Trying to choose a toothbrush and deciding which was the right toothpaste to go with was interesting, especially as there seems to be a real gender stereotype in packaging when it comes to baby toothbrushes.

Naps have been changing, as have the amount of bottle feeds Willow has a day. She seems to be at the stage where two longer naps throughout the day suit her better, but some days she isn't ready to give up that third nap. Bottles have steadily dropped from five 7oz bottles down to three and a bit 7oz bottles.

Standing up is now Willow's favourite thing to do, although she's not quite pulling herself up (which isn't helped by our very slippery wooden floor if I'm honest), but when you're holding her hands she is so happy and confident to stand for quite a while. It won't be long until stair gates are needed, that's for sure!

Reading is still something Willow adores, asking for another book every time you finish reading one. Her library is ever-expanding and I couldn't be happier, as a self-confessed bookworm I obviously would love for Willow's love of reading to keep growing!

Willow has been in her nursery for a few weeks now, going in there at 6 months and 3 weeks when I gave in and admitted defeated; she was too big for the Snuzpod and was being disturbed when she was sleeping, the upgrade was needed! It's not been as hard as I thought popping her in her own room, but I do so miss having her next to me and so close-by in the night.

Quite the long update, but it's miraculous the change Willow has made over the past month. Her personality is always growing in confidence and she's still very much a happy and content baby. She's more mobile and has started to motion in an attempt to tell us what she wants, as well as being able to say 'dada' from just after 6 months, with 'mama' being her favourite word over the past week. It's surreal to think this time next month, I'll be sharing her 8 month update!