31 August 2016

Rush Hair Salon Leicester

Rush Hair Salon Leicester Review

I've never been the most consistent at getting my hair cut. For years I did my own hair, determined as an ex-stylist myself that I didn't need to go to a salon when I could do it myself at home. That worked, for quite a long time too, purely because of the style I had at the time. Once I started trying to grow it longer and decided it was time to let my shaved-side grow out, things got a little trickier and for the past 18 months I have been getting my hair done more regularly. That said, since having Willow I simply haven't had the time, and so it had been 7 long months since I last had my hair pampered and preened. 

It's safe to say I was overdue a visit to the salon, and with the new Rush Hair Salon opening in Leicester city centre, I headed over to see what the team could do to my postnatal hair.

30 August 2016

Budget Friendly Pin-up Makeup Favourites

Pin-up Girl Makeup

Today I am handing over the reigns to a lovely blogger, Kariss over at Shy Strange Manic, who is sharing a fab post all about her favourite pin-up makeup picks.

27 August 2016

The Bath Oil

Olverum Bath Oil Review

For me there is an instant feeling of luxury and extravagance when you sink into a bath that has had a splash of oil. It wasn't until my mid-20's that I realised how beautiful bath oils were, previously worrying that they would make baths slippery and I'd come out needing to jump straight back in the shower! In fact, bath oils are nothing like I imagined and now, years later, are one of my favourite bath products. 

7 Months Gone By

A lot has happened in the past month, with Willow now over half a year old - just -, and forever edging closer to being 1. With a house month in July and settling into a new little routine for all of us, it's been a month of big changes for the whole family, not just Willow. Yesterday (August 26th), Willow turned 7 months, and I can't believe how quickly her first year is flying by.

21 August 2016

Browns Lane Loughborough Review

Browns Lane Pan-Fried Scallops Review

One of my favourite places to dine in Loughborough is Browns Lane, a venue with a beautiful restaurant serving a la carte cuisine accompanied by a relaxed bar, perfect for post dinner drinks. Situated on Browns Lane, a minutes walk from Loughborough town centre, it's the perfect destination for any occasion.


14 August 2016

Half Bake & Shake, Loughborough

Half Bake & Shake Loughborough Review

Half Bake & Shake is your one-stop destination for satisfying your sweet tooth, situated on Baxter Gate, Loughborough, offering everything from sweet treats to American shakes. Hard to miss, with it's vibrant and unique appearance, standing out from all the usual venues in Loughborough, Half Bake & Shake has been perfectly modelled on the vibrant 1950's era in America; a slice of diner heaven in an otherwise dull town.

8 August 2016

Mama-Made Monday's | Blossom & Bear

My Mama-Made Monday's series is well underway and so far I have shared my favourite community for bringing together awesome alternative mamas, Punky Moms, as well as some amazing brands with gorgeous products, such as Little Button Cloud, The Milk Collective, Woody and Florence and Fred & Olive

Today I'm sharing Blossom and Bear. A lovely website I came across on Instagram which has a whole host of beautiful products including personalised prints and essentials for both new mamas and babes. There's also a few of my favourite brands available on Blossom and Bear, so a must-visit for treat buys! Let's hand things over to Sarah, the brains behind the brand.

7 August 2016

Summer Beauty Essentials

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Review

I like to keep my everyday beauty essentials close by, so I can reach for them with ease without having to delve into the depths of my beauty collection trying to find them. Always on my beauty station, I know I can quickly pick up my beautiful floral Ted Baker Tavvii Secret Trellis Large Wash Bag, which has a lovely leather effect top and gold detailing and a fresh floral theme, and grab any essentials I'll need for the day ahead.

Choosing Baby Led Weaning

Baby Led Weaning

I think we can all agree that when you are pregnant, you spend a lot of time researching and Googling, trying to find out what you need, what labour will be like and all the big milestones your baby will reach. One of those milestones is starting to eat, no longer relying just on milk but instead delving into a world of tastes, flavours and textures.

When I was pregnant I simply assumed that we would wean Willow at 4 months, using pureed food, the same way I was weaned when I was a baby and many generations before me. I didn't realise there was even another way to introduce food to your baby and I had planned the equipment I would buy to make our own purees for Willow, I was actually quite excited about it. Then I came across Baby Led Weaning. 

After looking into Baby Led Weaning, how it worked and ultimately, why it is recommended as the way to wean your baby, I knew it was for us. The idea of purees went completely out of the window and I was excited to try something which seems relatively new, although has actually been the recommended weaning approach for many years.


3 August 2016

OK Bouquet Sophia Luxury Bouquet

OK Bouquet Sophia Luxury Bouquet Review

As we settle into our new home, something I absolutely adore is coming down with Willow in the early mornings and instantly being enveloped in a beautiful scent of fresh florals. I've always been someone who loves having fresh flowers in the house and it works wonders to lift my mood when I see a stunning bouquet. Having worked in a village flower shop in my teens, I find it therapeutic trimming stems and arranging bouquets, it's very relaxing and always leaves me feeling content.

2 August 2016

The Healthy Recipe Box Company

Mindful Chef Healthy Recipe Box Review
Whether you're looking for a complete lifestyle change or just want to spruce up your cooking skills, getting creative in the kitchen with Mindful Chef is a great way to try new ingredients and delicious dishes which are great for all the family. 

1 August 2016

Mama-Made Monday's | Fred & Olive

Fred & Olive Customised Blanket
Monday's mean sharing inspiring Mama-Made businesses and brands here on Tattooed Tealady, and this week I am handing the reigns over to a pretty amazing mama. Not only does Victoria create some beautiful pieces for your little ones, but this particular mama-made business is one with a truly incredible story. Introducing, Fred & Olive
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