Mama-Made Monday's | Little Button Cloud

25 Jul 2016

Little Button Cloud
After the chaos of moving home (a real challenge with a baby!) and a eerie silence here on the blog as we unpacked and settled in, I am finally back with a new post. As it's a Monday I am carrying on my fab new weekly series - Mama-Made Monday's -, my chance to showcase some of the amazing businesses out there founded by hard working mamas who use their beautiful talents to create stunning products for mamas and babies alike.

This week I'm handing over the reigns to Gem over at Little Button Cloud - a brand which is firmly on my wishlist for Willow, loving the unique and alternative creations on offer.

Little Button CloudLittle Button Cloud
I’ve always found it challenging writing about myself and how/why I do, what I do, but it’s good to acknowledge and appreciate our own creative journeys, right?

LBC started out as a way for me to channel my creative urges into making items that people wanted and would keep. I was a new mum, living out of one room, but there were two things I had since quitting the 9-5 and that was time and buttons (lots of buttons, I can never throw them out). I started making framed button designs and people loved them. I sold a lot of them at craft fairs but that was never the look I wanted for my own store. 

Naturally ideas grow and new ones creep in, although ‘button’ is still present in the shop name (Little Button Cloud), as that sparked it all for me. I wanted to appeal to modern families looking for modern products. As tattooed parents with a love for all things quirky, John and I wanted to create a brand that offered just that. 

As a screen-printer, John taught me all he knows and I began screen printing my own illustrations on to fabric. Our first product for sale was a stuffed tooth fairy house with a modern twist, using a striking design and pom-pom trim and it is still one of our most popular items! We make sure to use non-toxic ink on all of our products, so each and everyone is suitable from birth and safe for little babes.
Our daughter plays a huge role in the design process (she just doesn’t know it yet), from her favourite animal, to her ballet classes, to her all round sassy attitude, it’s all there influencing what you see from LBC. For us it’s never been about the number of followers we have on social media platforms or the amount of profit we can make each month, it’s about being creative, working as a family and making items that we love in the hopes that other families will love them too! 
You can find our quirky and unique products over at, as well as Instagram We're always happy to hear from customers, so if you have any questions or ideas, make sure to pop us an email at