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08 July

Ed's Easy Diner Giant Pancakes Review

I've always had a fascination with 1950's America, loving the idea of kitsch diners, pastel hues and flared out dresses. The idea of rolling up in a bubblegum pink Cadillac with a wrap-bow in my hair and a jukebox playing as booths fill up with guys and gals dressed to impress, I just love it.

Almost 60 years later American diners are still hugely popular and many franchises have gained huge followings of devoted customers who make regular visits just to get their nostalgic kick, whilst devouring classic American diner food.

I was given the chance to try an American diner experience myself, popping along to Ed's Easy Diner at the intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham, which has had a brilliant makeover giving a fresher look complete with a varied new dining area.

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Big Bubba's Bacon N'Cheese Burger Review
Ed's Easy Diner Big Bubba's Bacon N'Cheese Burger Review

Ed's Easy Diner is a retro-American diner that brings to life the feel-good, fun-loving and classic American diner style in the 21st Century. With diners popping up all over the UK you've probably noticed one, easy to spot and characterised by the classic white and red theme. 

Arriving late afternoon, we sat down to check out the menu, finding ourselves absolutely spoilt for choice. The menu has quite a good variety, with chicken burgers, hamburgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, veggie burgers and a variety of diner favourites such as pulled pork and chilli. Then you've got your fries and sides; you can either order your burgers as they are and pick your own sides and fries to go with them, or you can go for an 'Ed's Plate' which includes your main plus fries, onion rings and coleslaw.

There's also an impressive selection of drinks with a nice variety of hot and cold beverages, including the popular American milkshakes, all finished off with a selection of desserts. Kids are also covered with their own menu and there's also gluten free options available for those with specific dietary requirements. 

I decided to opt for the Big Bubba's Bacon N'Cheese burger, with an Ed's Plate - going for sweet potato fries. The fries and onion rings were amazing, really delicious and perfectly cooked. The burger, which comprised of a fresh grilled beef burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, Ed's Diner Sauce, sweet-cured bacon and American cheese served on a seed-topped bun. I was expecting a really huge meaty burger, but was left a little disappointed when my vision was not quite as extravagant as the burger which arrived. That said it was super tasty and the burger had been perfectly cooked, as had the bacon. I would have liked more of the diner sauce, dill pickle and cheese, which were almost none-existent, but the sweet potato fries and onion rings definitely made up for the lack of flavour in the burger.

Ed's Easy Diner Giant Pancakes Review

The dessert menu on the other hand really lived up to expectations and having opted for the Giant Pancakes; two warm 7" buttermilk pancakes service with ice cream and maple syrup. These were light, fluffy, cooked to perfection - I'd go so far as to say the best American pancakes I have had! I'd go back for these alone, a real sweet treat and the highlight of the visit for me.

Of course we couldn't just try the food and had to give a classic American shake a try, to see if Ed's Diner really know their stuff when it comes to American food. Ed's World Famous Extra Thick Milkshakes come in so many delicious flavours, it's hard to pick which one to go for! With each one providing around 2 glasses of shake, they come as standard with 2 flavours but you can add other flavours for an extra 45p. I tried banana and peanut butter and it was delicious. One to drink quickly, as I found it didn't stay cold for long, and very filling - but a lovely change from the usual fizzy pop options we usually go for when dining out.

Ed's Easy Diner is a venue which is great fun for families and young kids. The food is tasty and the menu has enough options to suit whatever mood you're in. I really like that the venue itself isn't your typical 'four walls' menu; it's more relaxed and feels like somewhere you can just pop by when you're ready for a break in shopping or need a reboot.

Will you be giving Ed's Easy Diner a try?

*I was kindly invited to try intu Victoria Centre as a guest.
All views are my own - Disclaimer. 

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  1. I love a cheeky trip to Ed's but I've still not tried the pancakes, I'll have to order next time :)
    ♥ Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

    1. Definitely try the pancakes next time you visit! xo

  2. oh pancakes, those look amazing! I love a bit of American food on the weekends. Will need to find something like it in London for this weekend :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. There are so many fab diners in London! There's one just off of Carnaby Street that I always visit when I am in London :) xo

  3. All this food is making me so hungry! Lovely post and photography here as always..Now I need some pancakes..*cries*

    1. Thank you Alice! You should see if you have an Ed's nearby to go and try the pancakes for yourself xo

  4. I love the makeover that Victoria Center has had recently, especially the restaurant section! I love Ed's, I haven't had the chance to try the pancakes yet, but they sound delicious!
    sammy xx

    1. Isn't it great? Really overdue too. I hope the Broadmarsh makeover will be just as lovely, it's so outdated and a real disappointment for shopping right now xo

  5. I passed an Ed's diner the other day when I was shopping at the Metro centre, it looked really busy and I loved the decor and wondered what the food was like. The pancakes and milkshake look and sound amazing, I so need to visit with my teen next time I am shopping x

  6. I just wanted to ask - what camera do you use. Your food pics always look so scrummy!

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