Sleeping in Luxury

29 Jun 2016

Dunelm Elements Grey Stripe Duvet Cover Set Review
I don't think I'm alone in saying that sleep is one of the things you miss the most when you have a baby. Although Willow sleeps fantastically and has had a full 12 hours a night since she was 6 weeks old, looking after a baby is still tiring and throughout the day I find myself getting more and more excited for bedtime.

Before Willow was born we had a really rubbish set up bed wise. We were using a very old third hand king size bed, the mattress was all but tatters and the only thing saving our backs was a mattress topper. Trying to get comfortable whilst pregnant is difficult enough, but when you add a bed that is well overdue it's retirement into the mix, it can make getting any decent sleep a nightmare. 

When Willow arrived my partner and I decided we needed to make the change and invest in a new bed, especially as we often bed-share as well as co-sleep; we needed a bed that was safe, rather than falling to pieces, and a set up that was comfortable, cosy and most importantly, not destroying our backs.
Dreams Newark Headboard Classic Beige ReviewLeesa King Size Mattress Review

We decided to order a new king size bed and after doing a lot of window shopping online and comparing prices, we decided to go with Dreams Classic Divan Base and a basic but very lovely Dreams Newark Headboard, both in beige. Both my partner and I aren't exactly on the small size and so although it'd be nice to have a big'ol fancy bed, realistically I feel more comfortable and safe with a solid base. Plus, we need all the storage space we can get so having the choice to opt for four full drawers in the base was absolutely brilliant. Although a bed will never be a budget-buy, even basic designs and ranges can cost a substantial amount, I managed to get everything ordered for less than £400; the bed itself came to £270 whilst the headboard came to £99. Available at

I think it's safe to say divan beds are incredibly easy to set up and within half an hour of delivery, my partner had our new bed put together ready for our mattress and bedding and our first proper nights sleep in years.

Mattresses are something I find quite confusing, when you're trying to find one within your budget and looking at all the different options available. How do you know which one is right for you? I was contacted by the lovely team over at Leesa who kindly offered to take the stress of mattress hunting away for us, providing us with a King Size Leesa Mattress. From the first night we slept on our Leesa mattress I have noticed a marked difference in my sleep; whereas before I would wake and need to turn over and re-position myself to try and find a comfortable spot on a very battered mattress, sleeping on a Leesa mattress feels heavenly. My back has also been considerably less sore and painful, which is a definite plus!

Available exclusively online, Leesa has just one design which has been designed to suit the needs of most people. There's no choosing between content and style, it's one simple mattress available in four standard sizes; Single, Double, King and Super King, each made right here in the UK. There's free delivery, and returns, as well as a 100 night risk-free trial; if you're not happy, you can return your Leesa mattress within the 100 day period. Opposed to most high-street mattresses which would arrive as-is, the Leesa mattress arrives in a compressed box and you simply unfurl the mattress onto your bed, leave it to rise for a few hours and you're good to go! 

There's a couple of things which really sold me on Leesa. First is the fact that the mattresses have a removable cover, which can be washed and cleaned. Any mama will know that something like this is a massive plus, when your baby can have all sort of 'accidents' on your bed. Secondly is the strong charity focus Leesa has; one mattress is donated to charity for every ten mattresses sold, as well as planting one tree for every single mattress they sell. Not enough companies give back and support charities, so I have huge respect for companies like Leesa that care about others as well as this planet. 

Although not within everyone's budget, with mattresses ranging from £390 to £740 depending on size, the quality and attention to detail makes Leesa a definite contender when shopping for your next mattress. You can pick up your own mattress at

Slumberdown Sleepwell Luxury Embossed Stripe King Size Duvet Review
Dunelm Grey Java Square Cushion Review
Dunelm Elements Grey Stripe Duvet Cover Set Review

Of course bedding is just as important when you're after a good night's sleep and I have no shame in admitting that I am a total bedding fiend. I love buying new bedding sets and making our bed a cosy haven to get away from the world and relax.

The perfect pillows and duvet are just as important as a great mattress and as someone that likes to sleep with a ridiculous amount of pillows, high quality is a must. The Slumberdown Side Sleeper Pillows are absolutely perfect, forever having my right side glued to the bed. They're plump, never lose their shape and yet still feel airy and light. Add to that the Slumberdown King Size Sleepwell Luxury Embossed Stripe Duvet and you have hotel-luxury in the comfort of your own home. Some duvets and pillows can be extortionate in price but Slumberdown is really fairly priced, with the side-sleepers costing £6.99 from, with the luxury duvet costing £21 from

I've found myself chucking out all the overly feminine bedding sets we used to have, finding myself a little bit bored of the more younger choices I used to make when picking out a new bedding set. I like our bedding to be clean cut, simple and classic, with grey hues in particular being my current favourite. The Dunelm Elements Grey Stripe Duvet Cover Set, £24.99 - £39.99 depending on size, is lovely and fits the bill perfectly. Both the duvet and pillowcases feature brass button detailing (painted on wood) which adds a lovely something extra to the set. We team ours with the deliciously soft and luxurious Silver Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet, £8.99, alongside some super plump and comfy cushions to make our cosy bed a centrepiece in our room; the Grey Harper Square Cushions, £12.99, are fronted by the Grey Java Square Cushion, £9.99. All available at

Dunelm is my favourite brand for bedding and homewares, I can never resist popping in store and love the huge variety of products they offer, as well as the most beautiful product collections with really gorgeous designs and styles. This week I've already popped into our local store and picked up some more home accessories; there's so many great products that will work as blog props for future blog photos!

Getting a good night's sleep is so important, for our bodies, for our brains and ultimately, for our well-being. For me having a cosy set-up makes a huge difference and especially as a new mama that can be up at any time in the night if Willow needs me, or waking at the slightest sound just to check she's OK, it's extra important to ensure I can get as comfortable as possible for a peaceful night.

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