Mama-Made Monday's | Woody and Florence

27 Jun 2016

Two weeks into my new weekly series - Mama-Made Monday's - and so far I've shared an amazing community, Punky Moms, as well as my top unique gifts for new mamas. Today I'm handing over the spotlight to Chloe, a hard-working mama who runs her own online business covering everything from inspiring prints, beautiful jewellery and the original beaded mama bracelet; Woody and Florence

Hey, I'm Chloe and I run Woody and Florence. I'm also a full time Mama of a very active, free spirited bundle of love called Bodhi who is almost 16 months old (going on 16 years, so strong minded and independent, where has my baby gone? ~sobs in the corner quietly~), he's crazy obsessed with door handles and strawberries.

Woody and Florence started out as a little sewing venture; I started Woody and Florence before I had Bodhi, when I needed a creative outlet and was given my late Grandmother's sewing machine and starting playing about with it. After some practise and endless YouTube tutorials I began making little cloud cushions and arrows for little ones. Black and white was as hugely popular then as it now and it went crazy. I spent every spare minute making cushions.

I absolutely loved it and soon found this really cool corner on the internet full of mama's with such inspiring ideas. I felt like I kind of belonged yet didn't have a little one of my own yet; that soon changed and along came Bodhi. 

During my pregnancy I made as much as I could for him and his room; a beanbag, cot sheets, comforters, blankets, wall hangings, garlands, you name it, I had a go. And wow, did he flip our world upside down, arriving at a massive 10b 4oz. I have never in my life felt such an overwhelming sense of all consuming love as I did the day my boy came earthside, isn't it just THE most amazing, indescribable feeling? Not only had I created this perfect little being but, I was labelled mama/mom/mother. I felt extremely privileged, like I really belonged and had purpose like no other.

These little bundles of love sure do take up a lot time and the sewing machine got put on the back burner. One day, desperate for something creative I made myself the first mama bracelet and as you do, posted it on Instagram. The response was incredible and before I knew it, I had an order book open with the pages filling up.

This started a new direction and journey with Woody and Florence and that was anything 'mama' inspired. My career before Woody and Florence was with Women's Aid for several years supporting women (mostly moms) who were at high risk of immediate danger from domestic violence (which meant their little ones were at risk too). Having given this job up to be a stay at home Mom, funds were reduced somewhat and this moulded my ethos behind my business and that was to make items that were affordable to all mothers, whether they are stay at home mothers, full time working mothers, single mothers, you name it. I wanted to make pretty stuff for us all whilst acknowledging how difficult it is to be a mom. 

One size does not fit all when being a Mom so it's really important that our range of jewellery is diverse enough that no matter your style and beliefs etc, there is something there for you, whilst all still being positive, love focussed and acknowledging how tough it can be, plus we love working on custom orders too so there is an opportunity for Moms to come to us with their ideas. 

We don't just make jewellery, there are various prints for your home or your little ones wall, pretty much all of them are of a positive, encouraging, love filled nature; one of our best selling prints is 'Mama's got your back'. I am a big believer in positivity, encouragement and love and try to reflect these in our prints.

We are currently working on a new range of self care packages for mom's too. We are thinking little packages of love, items of jewellery to make you feel great when on the school run or changing yet another poo explosion, calming, balancing incense sticks to burn whilst you're stuck in the house for the third day running, tea which has been especially put together for women (hormone balancing and calming) and a few other bits and bobs which we will keep secret for now. 

I am hoping these will be brought for new moms as gifts or by new moms looking for a little self care, as well as us Moms who are in the full swing of it and just need a little treat. There is nothing in the self care package for the little ones, that may seem a touch selfish but, occasionally we have to be selfish and look after ourselves to ensure we do the best we can do when raising the next generation and, lets face it whats theirs is theirs and whats ours is theirs. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these self care packages and some other new products coming to Woody and Florence. If you ever have any ideas, designs or slogans/sayings you think would make great items please do not hesitate to contact us on as we love working with Moms on new products and doing little collaborations and custom orders, or if you just want to say hi, we would love to hear from you!

Mama's supporting Mama's, without judgement. I got your back. - Chloe

To find out more about Woody and Florence, you can check out the full store over on Etsy as well as following over on Instagram @WoodyandFlorence (one of my favourite accounts to follow!).