LapBaby for Working Mums

5 Jun 2016

LapBaby Hands Free Seating Aid Review
Every new mama adores spending time with their baby, but they'll be occasions where you really need to get things done and being home alone with your little one makes it very difficult. Step-in the new mama-must-have LapBaby. Whether it's managing to eat a meal whilst it's still hot or working from home, LapBaby makes it much easier to get stuff done, with the brand new, unique and innovative hands-free seating aid.

LapBaby Hands Free Seating Aid Review

LapBaby Hands Free Seating Aid Review
LapBaby Hands Free Seating Aid Review

Suitable for use from 3 months onwards, LapBaby is super easy to put on and can have you enjoying a meal or getting some work done in minutes. Designed to secure your baby in a seated position in your lap, it enables you to be 'hands-free', letting you get stuff done whilst still having your baby close by and easily entertained. 

For me this was an incredibly exciting idea; I'm home alone with Willow a lot and whilst I am currently on maternity leave, I still have a lot of work to get done, such as keeping up this blog! Sometimes Willow is more than happy on her playmat or in her new Jumperoo, but sometimes we'll have days or even weeks where she wants her mama 24/7, which as you can imagine can make getting things done incredibly difficult. LapBaby enables me to tick off some of my to-do list and will  undoubtedly be an invaluable aid for home-working mums like me. 

With a contemporary and easy to use design, LapBaby is both secure and comfortable to wear - for both mama and baby. Made with fabrics which are free from harmful chemicals and allergens, there's a few key features to LapBaby which stand out for me. Firstly, the safety. Using mainly (extremely strong) velcro as the attachment, it also has a safety clip so that if the velcro were to loosen, your baby would still stay put and safe on your lap. It also features an extendable, detachable and wipe-clean lap cloth, so great for catching any dribble or muck from food. There's a super handy material clip which you can attach a toys or teether too, which is especially great for Willow who started teething at 11 weeks! 

Another positive for me is the close contact LapBaby enables you to keep whilst getting your jobs done - as I mentioned in my post on why babywearing is good for your baby, close contact is extremely important in giving your baby more confidence and ultimately aiding development. Instead of Willow being on her playmat all the time, she can be closer to me whilst I get some work done too.

If that wasn't enough, a great benefit to LapBaby is the travel case it comes in with a clip to attach to your changing bag or pram; LapBaby can go with you wherever you go, whether that be visiting friends and family, travelling on public transport or eating in a restaurant. No worrying about whether they'll be a high-chair where you're headed, or trying to entertain baby and hold onto them with one hand whilst you try to eat your meal as quickly as you can. 

For me, LapBaby has been an invaluable addition to our daily routine. It's definitely something I would recommend to any mamas who work from home like me, or mamas who simply need a little bit of help in getting things done. Safety is really important for me when it comes to using products with Willow and I have always felt extremely happy with how she is secured and seated in our LapBaby, especially as I was worried it may not fit around my plus-size size 18 waist.

It's comfortable to wear, the ability to add toys and teethers is absolutely fantastic; although it would be great to see another attachment added on the other side, so that we could have a teether one side and a toy on the other! Overall, I'm really impressed and think for £24.99, it's an affordable investment worth making.

Is LapBaby something you think you would benefit from?
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