Baby K by Myleene Klass

19 Jun 2016

Baby K Stripe Dress with Knickers Review

When you have a girl everyone expects you to dress them in pretty pink dresses and frilly bows. Willow has her fair share of 'feminine' outfits but we are very big on the gender neutral upbringing in the Tattooed Tealady household and so our wardrobe is a very colourful and varied one.

On a recent visit to Mothercare in Nottingham I spotted the Baby K range, which has been designed by Myleene Klass. I was instantly drawn in by the beautiful designs and outfits, all of which had a very definite black and white theme with the most subtle splashes of bold yellow. There's a fantastic mix of clothes for girls and boys, but also a lovely variety of in-the-middle gender neutral options too. It's one of the most beautiful gender neutral ranges I have come across and I am so impressed with the range as a whole, which is unique to any other I have come across so far as a new mama
Baby K Stripe Dress with Knickers ReviewBaby K Stripe Dress with Knickers ReviewBaby K Black and White Stripe Romper Review
Baby K Black and White Stripe Romper Review
Baby K Black and White Stripe Romper Review

I adore Willow in black and the Baby K range is right up our street, I couldn't resist picking her up a couple of outfits for the summer. Funnily enjoy black is the colour I get the most comments on when I buy something black for Willow or dress her in something black. Remarks of how unsuitable it is for a baby, especially a girl, and that it's cruel. I'm big on black clothing and I grew up wearing mostly black. Colour has no gender and I have no worries popping my little one in black clothing, girl or not. Plus, when the clothes are this beautiful, who could resist?!

I picked up two outfits, plus a headband of the same black and white stripe design (which I found impossible to photograph, which explains why it isn't featured!). The entire range has a very luxe look to it yet the prices are exceptionally fair and would fit into most budgets, whether you're someone that can afford the entire range or looking for a one-off piece for a special occasion coming up, nothing is extortionate, which I find with a lot of baby clothing with differs from the norm.

The more purse-friendly of the two outfits I picked up is the Baby K Black and White Stripe Romper (£12) which is nice and light and will be the most perfect pick for a hot summers day. I love the bright yellow splash of colour on the arms and I know Willow is going to look super cute in this. A little more pricey but well worth the pennies, the second outfit I choose was the absolutely beautiful Baby K Stripe Dress with Knickers (£16). I mean honestly, did you ever see anything more gorgeous than this? I think I may have to have a cheeky photoshoot day with Willow the first time she wears this! It has a lovely underlayer and matching frill knickers, the perfect dress for the perfect little girl.

I am really in love with this range and would happily buy every single piece in different sizes if I could, so that she always has something as beautiful as the pieces in the Baby K range. I'm secretly hoping some of them end up in the next Mothercare sale, which is always full to the brim with incredible bargains!

Do you dress your little ones in black?